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Question: Ipod Touch 6 Gen battery draining FAST

I just purchased and received my new ipod touch generation 6 and have only used it 1 times since receiving on Tuesday. I have turned off the wifi and it was last charged Tuesday night. This morning(Thursday) the thing was totally dead. If I am not using it for anything, why is it dying so fast? This is ridiculous for it to drain in 24 hours. I used it for 20 minutes Wednesday morning and then turned it off. This morning, nothing, nada. this is the 2nd time it has drained since I received it. The help section on saving battery does not help, because again I haven't used it for anything other than that 20 minutes. Shouldn't the battery live longer than that if not being used?

iPod nano (7th generation), Windows 8, same happens on win7 machine & nano

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Question: Ipod Touch 6 Gen battery draining FAST