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Question: FCPX Playback Offset via HDMI A/V Output?

Does Final Cut Pro X (v 10.4) have a "playback offset" option via HDMI A/V Output?

If not (and why not), how are video editors who use external monitoring via HDMI, aka for a client monitor, (a common practice I would assume) compensating for out-of-sync playback?

Audio via the audio interface (RME Babyface Pro in my case) is in perfect sync with FCPX viewer (on a Apple Thunderbolt Display) but not in the external monitor (A/V Output via HDMI).

Both Final Cut Studio (v7) and Premiere Pro CC had/have a playback offset setting preferences (external monitor sync issues are common). Why not FCPX?

I've followed FCPX A/V Output via HDMI instructions (Final Cut Pro X: View playback on an external monitor or display), and have noted the Apple disclaimer "Note: Video and audio are synced at the video frame (not audio sample) level." Will an A/V output offset setting option be included in future versions of FCPX?

In the meantime, any suggestions as to how to offset the HDMI A/V Output via FCPX would be most helpful.

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Final Cut Pro X (v 10.4)

Mac Pro (Early 2013)

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27")

HDMI A/V output to external 4K UHD TV monitor (Samsung U40JU6400F)

Mac Pro (Late 2013), macOS High Sierra (10.13.3)

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Mar 15, 2018 10:00 AM in response to ccaines In response to ccaines

My two cents is that if your are using the client monitor for critical playback, you need to take the audio from the HDMI destination (in your case the Samsung monitor) and feed it to your speakers.

It is my understanding (which could be wrong) is that the delay between the computer audio and HDMI video feed is introduced in the conversion to SDI which is fed down the HDMI cable - but - the audio is equally delayed in this conversion process, so viewing picture and sound from the monitor will maintain sync.

I am feeding a large Samsung via an Aja T-Tap from my iMac, and experience the same issues. I have a Mackie Big Knob monitor control device that lets me swap the source audio feeding the edit room speakers from the computer output to the output of the Samsung when doing client playbacks.

ccaines wrote:

Will an A/V output offset setting option be included in future versions of FCPX?

Submitting feedback might expedite this.

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Mar 15, 2018 10:00 AM

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Mar 15, 2018 10:33 AM in response to Meg The Dog In response to Meg The Dog

Thanks MtD!

I do use my "client monitor" as a larger, more affordable 'offline' 4K reference monitor for editing purposes, so I'm striving for sync picture/audio via the HDMI A/V output (especially for dialogue editing where sync is crucial), but by all counts there doesn't seem to be a direct viewer/external monitor sync solution at this time. I'll provide feedback via FCPX - thanks for the suggestion.

My Samsung 4K UHD monitor does happen to have an 'audio delay' setting option (which is nice), so I can monitor digital audio via HDMI-in passed through the TV's optical output to a set of Edirol MA-15D micro monitors (with optical input). It's sync with a roughly 160 ms offset using the TV's audio delay setting. However, this also seems like a less than ideal workaround if the goal is to monitor sync viewer/external monitor audio via actual reference quality studio monitor speakers (via audio interface).

Your audio source swap (computer output vs. tv output) sounds like it might be good workaround for now too. I'll give it a try.



Mar 15, 2018 10:33 AM

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Question: FCPX Playback Offset via HDMI A/V Output?