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Question: Individual songs will not remember volume level. iTunes 12.7

Some songs will not remember the volume level, many will. This issue was brought up in another thread but it is locked. individual song volume adjust is no longer working in my itunes Need help.

Many solutions were offered, but none worked for me. The solutions offered seemed to work for some people but none where a universal solution.

Generally I adjust the sound level of an entire album. Sometimes I need to adjust by the song. I know there's an option to "automatically" level the volumes of all songs, but it does not work very well. (Edit, Preferences, Playback tab, Sound Check). Years ago, before the iPhone, there was (still is?) a program called MP3Gain. That program worked very well, unlike Sound Check. Sound check works to some degree, but it's still way off on some songs. I do leave it enabled, but I still need to make tweaks on my own.

Example: There is one song on an album that is much louder than all other songs on the album, even with Sound Check enabled. I adjust the level of this song downward to +20%. All songs in this album are at +80% with the exception of the louder song which I had at +60%, so adjusting individual songs (this one in particular) has worked in the past. (Come on Apple fix this!) I notice when the volume level slider is moved, a green check will appear if it is going to save the new level. If no green check appears it will not save the level. I can change the level and hear the change even with no green check, but as soon as I go back into the song properties the level is still at + 60% and I hear the level come back up. It does not matter if Sound Check is enabled or not.

I thought I would share my "work-around", but it's a pain. I select all the songs in the album and set them all to the level of the lowest-level-song, + 20% in this example. The green check appears. Levels are saved for all songs at + 20%. But now all the other songs are too low. Next, I select all the songs in the album except the song I want to remain at 20%. I am able to put them back to + 80%, the green check appears, and the level is saved. I open the louder song and it is still at + 20%.

This process is a pain, especially if you're trying to dial in sound levels compared to the other songs. But until Apple decides to fix this, it's the only solution that works for me. Please offer other, hopefully better solutions, if you have them.

Apple, you have a bazillion people and a bazillion dollars, why do you continually mess up your software? You just can't help yourself, you have to mess with things that worked perfectly well, and break them, or change them for no apparent reason. (rant off).

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Question: Individual songs will not remember volume level. iTunes 12.7