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Question: iPhone X GPS delay, inaccuracy

On previous versions of IOS 11, my iPhone X had no issues with navigation. Since the most recent update to 11.2.6, the Maps app and Google Maps have had delays, inaccuracy, or have completely stopped updating my location while in transit. While navigating to a location the map will zoom in and out, move up and down the street a significant distance even though I am stoped at a red light or remain fixed on a previous location though I am miles down the road. I have had the same vehicle the entire time I've owned my iPhone X and have always mounted it in the same location without any issues in the past. I've tried with wifi and blue tooth enabled, starting while connected to wifi inside my home then walking outside to my truck and driving away, and starting solely on LTE but with wifi and blue tooth still turned on. The problems seem consistent no matter how I start my trip. I have asked other iPhone X users, as well as later model iPhone users I know, if they are having issues with GPS. The responses seem split between no GPS issues at all to completely unusable. The problem does not seem to be isolated to a particular iPhone model either. An iPhone 7 user I know is having issues with the most recent update however her husband, who's iPhone 7 is not updated to most recent IOS is not having issues. Can anyone share their experiences with apple and any information they have received. I have already placed 2 calls to apple support and reset my phone to factory setting per their guidelines with no success. Neither apple support specialist had any clue at all and even stated that this was their "first time hearing about GPS issues". I have an appointment with the Genius Bar later this month but based on other users comments, getting a replacement iPhone X did not solve their issues. It seems to be, in my opinion, an IOS issue and not a hardware issue given that users across different models and different IOS versions are reporting different experiences. Also given the fact that my GPS worked flawlessly before this update while traveling from Maryland to South Carolina.

iOS 11.2.6

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Question: iPhone X GPS delay, inaccuracy