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Question: Keyboard marks on my Display again! (thunderbolt model)

I have been reading all your posts and I feel just like you. Less than 3 months after buying my Mac (Macbook Pro Thunderbolt 15" 2017), the marks appeared. After a long complaint, Apple changed my display and I also did plenty of changes to "assure" that this would not happen again, which included: new laptop bag (North Face, with a special compartment for the computer), new sleeve (the best in the market according to the Apple Store, a sleeve by inCase specially designed for the computer), and yes, I even started to use the thin white paper that came in between the keyboard and the screen when I purchased the Macbook, since I still had the box. Apple did not recommend me to use any screen protector (as films that you paste in the screen) and they suggested to use instead that paper.

After around 2 months, I have realized the marks are starting to appear again. I really cannot understand why. Are we supposed to keep this computer on our desks never moving it so that nothing happens to it? This is frustrating because I spent so much money in this computer, then in the bag, then in the sleeve... all my friends think that I am a control freak whenever I take the paper from the computer. All... for nothing. (And I am the only one with this expensive computer, loyal Apple customer!)

I don't know if changing the display a second time will do any difference, I do not enjoy throwing away a good display because of the marks, in the other hand, it is really frustrating to spend over 3,000 dollars for this quality. I think there should have been more space between the screen and the keyboard, I realized this has to be the problem. I hope Apple gives a decent solution to this issue, I do not want to change my brand preference. This problem never happened to me with my previous Macbook, and it traveled the world with me (literally), for over 10 years. Not a single screen scratch.

Hope we can find a solution.

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Apr 30, 2018 6:59 PM in response to Laurioles In response to Laurioles

I have noticed this keyboard oil marks turning into permanent imprint. And I too have gone great length at keeping it clean but in vain.

I have a 2016 12” MacBook, but I guess all the recent models are the same: the reason imprints are so common is because

screens actually flex inwards, towards the keyboard. I have posted a photo of my Mac shooting from the side when lid is opened. If you look closely you should be able to see that the black rubber band at the middle vanishes behind the screen (gotta look very hard for the tiny difference). So when you close the lid, the center of the screen always rubs against the keyboard no matter how hard you try not to put any weight on it. Things go especially bad if you got oily fingers. It is (accidentally) by design.

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Apr 30, 2018 6:59 PM

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Question: Keyboard marks on my Display again! (thunderbolt model)