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Question: Static Noise in Apple TV Music


So this has been a reoccurring issue on my Apple TV 4K and 4th generation in which any music played through the the Apple Music app will have a static background that seems to intensify with the bass. Given that both have been tried on the same TV setup (i.e. same TV and same speakers) and the fact that this problem does not occur within any other music app, like Sirius XM, or any video app, I am unsure as to what the problem is. To give some more background on the TV setup, the Apple TV's were operating through a Samsung 4K monitor with Bose speakers plugged into the 3.5 mm stereo outlet on the monitor. Thanks in advance for your help!

Apple TV 4K, iOS 11.3, including Apple TV 4th Gen.

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Question: Static Noise in Apple TV Music