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Question: ID has been disabled

Okay, I'm putting a post here because I'm sick of getting sent in circles by the Apple website.

I'm getting this error:


"Your apple ID has been disabled. For assistance, contact Itunes support at www.apple.com/support/itunes/ww/."

Now obviously going to the above link does nothing. I can't download my music onto my laptop at all. I have changed my Apple password as recommended by every other post on here. I have followed the 'help' (if you could call it that), which is literally just reset your password. I've done that. Don't tell me to do that. If you tell me to do that, you have done nothing and you were useless.

If you link me to this page If your Apple ID is locked or disabled - Apple Support

Well, congratulations, you were useless.

I am getting really sick of not being able to access the music I have payed for. I have tried to contact Apple support but their support page just sends you in circles, asking you to log in, then click to talk to someone, then log in again, over and over and over.

I am getting incredibly angry with this. If this is not resolved in short order I will be demanding refunds on all content I have paid for and moving to a different platform. The only option for support I am given is to talk to Apple over the phone - which isn't going to work because my iphone was destroyed in an accident and won't be replaced for at least a couple of weeks. So I tried to access my music on my laptop aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.... my apple Id has been disabled. I will not be purchasing another apple device going forward. The laptop is authorized, before you bring it up. My current device will be replaced via insurance, and I will be leaving all of Apple's services once that device expires. A multi-billion dollar company that has no excuse for service this broken and a site that sends you in circles like I have been experiencing for the last couple of hours.

Well, now I get this error


when I try to submit this to the communities. Guess this is going to be sent to anyone and anything I can find on the Apple website, ****

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Apr 20, 2018 6:20 AM in response to Mitchell261 In response to Mitchell261

Just to be clear, even though it shows that the music is playing in that screenshot, the music does not play, and cannot be downloaded.

Apr 20, 2018 6:20 AM

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Apr 20, 2018 6:48 AM in response to Mitchell261 In response to Mitchell261

I have followed the 'help' (if you could call it that), which is literally just reset your password.

If resetting the account's password is all that you've done you haven't followed all of the instructions. Is resetting the password the only part that you did ?

If you have actually followed all of the instructions and just a part of it you should contact iTunes Support as instructed to by the message that you are getting. They are likely to want to talk to by phone, before they will potentially re-enable an account they obviously have to confirm your id and that it's your account. If you want to do by emails going back-and-forth and potentially having to wait up to 48 hours for them to reply each time : https://www.apple.com/emea/support/itunes/contact.html

Apr 20, 2018 6:48 AM

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Question: ID has been disabled