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Question: Search Results Screen Reverts to Search Home Screen

I am using Apple Music on an iPhone 7 (256 GB, iOS 11.3). Recently, after upgrading to the latest iOS, I have had a recurring issue when searching through my library through Apple Music's search function. I would type the artist to whom I am going to listen and be scrolling through their releases only for the screen to revert back to the original search screen. The time it takes for this to happen has been inconsistent, from three (3) seconds to thirty (30).

To experiment, I would run a search, select and artist or album, and let it sit until it switched back. It would happen every time, always after a seemingly random amount of time had elapse. When listening to music at my desk, I often pull up the screen to display the larger album cover and controls, and when I'd drop it back down to check the track listing of the album to which I am listening, I would find the search screen rather than the album screen for which I had searched.

What is the deal with this? I have rebooted a couple of times (for other reasons) yet the problem persists. I'd rather not scroll through my entire library when I'd like to hear something specific, and I'd like my search results to remain on the screen when I click away from the search tab. This did not happen before the latest iOS update. Is anyone else having this problem, and has anyone found a solution?

iPhone 7, iOS 11.3

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Apr 21, 2018 6:47 AM in response to jcvdang In response to jcvdang

Hi, jcvdang.

It appears that you're having an issue while searching the your music library on your iPhone 7. After updating to iOS 11.3, while scrolling through the results of your search, the Music application reverts to the search page. I'm happy to help.

If an app unexpectedly quits, stops responding, or won’t open -- Since the Music application isn't responding as it should, follow the steps in this article. If you find you need to delete and reinstall the Music app, you'll need to redownload your content to your iPhone again.

Let me know how that goes.

Take care!

Apr 21, 2018 6:47 AM

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Question: Search Results Screen Reverts to Search Home Screen