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Question: Non-stop uncontrollable Auto-Scroll-To-Right-Snap-Back mouse pointer problem

Suddenly, I’m having a whole gang of issues on my macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 desktop, seemingly all related. I thought my computer was infected until I saw postings of similar problems going back 10yrs. I’m not too familiar w/ Mac’s (transitioning from PC) so pls bear w/ me if I use PC terminology.

When I open a window in the smaller screen (green button), which is what I always do, all the content seems to be automatically defaulting to left, leaving me viewing the tail end right side of the screen as if thats the default.😐 Problem shows in List, Column and Cover Flow views and seems to be related to the pointer as if stuck on scroll-right-till-end. Finder, Launchpad, Mail, Pages, Numbers, Trash, Photos, Safari....

  • In Finder, when I try to scroll to the left (e.g. to see file names) it snaps back to the right side end. Sometimes if I hold the left click mouse button down on the scroll bar to bring it to the left, the screen gets jumpy as if the scroll bar is resisting, wanting to snap back to the right side end.
  • In Finders Cover Flow view when hovering over the pic/doc icon image SECTION, I watch the icon start scrolling to the right end as if I commanded it when I didn’t. If I try to scroll the image icons to the left, the auto-scroll-to-right-snap-back will only stop scrolling if I remove my mouse from that section of the screen.
  • In Launchpad, if I can manage to get it to show the first page at all (now defaulting to the 2nd pg), as soon as I hoover over anywhere in the 1st page it automatically swipes back to the 2nd pg.
  • In Safari, search results remain on the left side while my viewing shoots to the right the second my mouse pointer enters any area of the web screen, only showing the latter 1/2 of the results so I can’t see them. When I try to scroll the left so I can see it, screen gets all jumpy and forces itself back the right end. When in Google maps, as soon as my mouse hovers over any part of the map diagram section while the page is loading it’ll automatically zoom in to the closest view possible. It won’t automatically zoom in tho if I wait for the page to finish loading and then hover.
  • In Photos, clicking on the Photos under Library (view set to always show toolbar & sidebar in full screen), I click on one pic, it opens to a larger view w/ all the other pics underneath it as tiny icons at the bottom of the window - all shoved so tightly together it’s distorted. As soon as I hoover over the tiny pics they all auto scroll to the left leaving me viewing the right end of the window once again. There’s no scroll bar. If I click on the furthest tiny pic on the left, it auto scrolls to the left super fast then instantly scrolls right back to the right end again. As my mouse pointer moves in and out of this section of the window the auto scrolling starts and stops in sync w/ my pointers location. It’ll stop on whatever pic the little arrow at the bottom was pointed to at the exact moment my mouse pointer left that part of the screen and resumes when my pointer goes back. This occurs so fast I can’t control what pic it’s going to stop at like a Roulette Wheel ball.
  • In Pages, when I maximize the window (green button), the bar w/ the red, yellow and green button thats suppose to drop down when hovering at the top no longer appears. I have to click the escape button to get out of that window.
  • In Mail, there’s no horizontal scroll bar so I cant see the subject line, for example, which is only remedied if I widen the window or click the green button to maximize the window. I thought there was a scroll bar there before but I could be wrong.
  • Dragging to Trash won’t drop. When I tried to uninstall/delete a program & a doc, I dragged it to the Trash but my mouse wouldn’t let go of it - no matter where I went on the screen, like when something is stuck to your body due to static cling and no amount of shaking if off/clicking works. It only let go when i hit the escape button. Still able to delete by right clicking/Move to Trash tho.
  • The top bar menu no longer acknowledges hovering by highlighting (where the apple symbol shows left corner). No matter what I click on or what program (Finder, Safari, etc.) - File or Edit or Window, etc., it no longer auto highlights where the mouse pointer is and anything w/ an arrow (indicating submenu) no longer auto opens like it used to. It only highlights and acknowledges that the mouse pointer is there after clicking.

I’ve seen postings of others having the same auto-scroll-to-right-snap-back problem, often referred to as a forced swiping problem w/ Launchpad but I’m on a desktop w/ no swiping ability and it’s not just Launchpad. More details tend to be asked when others posted about this problem so I tried to give as much detail as possible. I always open in the smaller view (green button) w/ multiple windows open w/ no issues until now. I’m not using a track pad, my mouse is USB corded and I have no issues w/ it on my PC. Shutting down and restarting changes nothing. My system is updated and current. This is annoying and ******* me off 😠. Does anyone know what is causing this problem is and what the solution may be????😢

iMac, iOS 10.1, 10.13.4

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Apr 22, 2018 9:33 PM in response to PC2MacNotSoEz In response to PC2MacNotSoEz

And apparently I can't drag and drop a shortcut link of this webpage to my desktop either, same problem as dragging trash mentioned above. Escape to exit.

Apr 22, 2018 9:33 PM

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Question: Non-stop uncontrollable Auto-Scroll-To-Right-Snap-Back mouse pointer problem