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Question: Bug icloud Desktop MS Windows


I noticed a bug with icloud desktop software on microsoft windows 10.

I am using latested version of Icloud Software, Windows 10 is all uptodate.

I have roughly 5 GB of photos to download.

I installed the software and clicked on download Photos.

Download Session started showing roughly 4436 files to download.

I left the session running in the background.

After 2 hours i shutdown my Laptop.

Next day, i started my Laptop and checked the status of Icloud, and it was blank.

I clicked on Download Photos again and it created duplicate folders and restarted the download again.

I believe app is poorly designed. It should have auto resume photo sync.

Does anyone knows fix to this issue.

iPad Air Wi-Fi, iOS 9.3.5

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Question: Bug icloud Desktop MS Windows