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Question: My photos in the iCloud new shared album can’t be seen

I have some shared albums with few people. I created a new one the last week (with 50 pics) and shared with 2 people. They received the email notification but they can’t see anything. I have previously shared pictures to them before without any issue. I didn’t change any setting, they only thing different compared to before, it’s that I increased the storage space in iCloud and updated to the last IOS. I don’t want to disable and then enable the iCloud photo sharing because I will loose my albums. One of the persons who I was sharing the pictures before already did this and now he can’t see The pictures from the albums he could see befote disabling-enabling this option, i did resent the invite to access the album. He received the invite but the album is empty for him.

I already restarted my iphone several times and my wifi is working fine so I don’t see the mistake of the iCloud, I still have 150GB free.

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May 27, 2018 8:02 AM in response to stefnl1 In response to stefnl1

See these articles iPhoto for iOS (iPad): Send photos by email

iPhoto: Use Mail to share photos

Tip: If you have many files or large files to send, you can use Mail Drop to send them. You must have an iCloud account to use Mail Drop. You can use Mail Drop to send attachments up to 5 GB in size right from Mail on your Mac, or from icloud.com/mail on your Mac or PC.

All file types are supported and attachments don’t count against your iCloud storage. - most important .

See this article also Mail Drop limits - Apple Support

iCloud Photo Sharing - Apple Support

iCloud: Create a shared album

Get help using iCloud Photo Sharing and shared albums - Apple Support

May 27, 2018 8:02 AM

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Question: My photos in the iCloud new shared album can’t be seen