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Question: MacBook Pro Display and Startup

MacBook Pro A1286

A few weeks back the MacBook started to get very hot even when not performing CPU heavy tasks (I.e just using it for browsing, word processing etc).

I then used it to edit a video on iMovie and about 20 minutes in, the MacBook overheated, glitched out (flickered black and blue lines) and shut itself down.

I then could not initially turn it back on even after letting it cool down for 10-15 minutes.

I performed an SMC reset which seemed to do the trick but once started, after 5 minutes it overheated and shutdown again.

Today I tried to turn it back on and had no luck even with an SMC reset. The sleep LED comes on but no chimes, no screen activity, nothing.

After multiple tries of trying to boot and reset SMC etc, I carried out a PRAM reset and this started the MacBook.

However, even though it started, it now just loads onto the blue and black flickering screen and no matter what I do the screen does nothing else and the MacBook starts to overheat again.

I have opened up the back and used compressed air to clean out the fans etc (although there wasn’t much of a build up)

I contacted Apple Support but have been advised they no longer have the hardware to carry out any repairs.

I’m at a stage where I’d love to fix it even if it means buying second hand parts but at a last ditch attempt I’d like to recover all my files or do a time machine backup somehow.User uploaded file

VIN,MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), null

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Question: MacBook Pro Display and Startup