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  • EBSkater Level 2 (490 points)
    cecoulter wrote:
    I am going to get an Ipod touch, install Skype on it, get a Verizon mifi card and *to **** with Apple* and the iPhone.

    Well it seems not completely, if you're still going to go the way of Apple.
  • finniii Level 2 (340 points)
    I'm very sorry to hear that this has happened to so many people. I had a similar problem with a custom-built MacBook Pro. It was stolen from the FedEx facility, prior to delivery. Like some of you, I was caught between a rock and a hard place. FedEx said Apple was the shipper, and therefore only Apple could file a claim; Apple said that they couldn't file a claim until FedEx notified them of the theft; FedEx said it wouldn't look into the allegation of theft until Apple filed a claim...

    In the end, I called Apple's customer service directly, and wrote a letter to Steve Jobs. I called Apple every day, and did whatever I could to escalate to higher-ups until, finally, I got to one of the VPs in charge of the online store (where I purchased the computer). He was very helpful, and I got my replacement four days later. The moral of the story is that you may have to fight a bit for your rights. You paid for the phone, it's ultimately Apple's responsibility to get it to you. The theft is between Apple and FedEx, and it should not be your responsibility to resolve it.

    Just a thought -Try contacting your local TV news station. They usually have a consumer advocate or ombudsman. Right now, iPhone 4 is a hot news item, so you might get them to send a camera crew to interview your local FedEx facility and Apple Store. That might shake someone into action!

    Good luck!
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    WesLA wrote:
    Just letting you all know this exact circumstance happened to me as well.

    FedEx delivered the box to my girlfriend on the 23rd (I was away). The delivery guy was acting very strange she said, he even ran off after she signed. She noticed the box was light but just thought the phone was light and set it on my desk.

    I arrived the next day (24th) and I noticed it was VERY light. The box had a 2" tear and the tape was cut/broken. I opened it and NOTHING INSIDE. It wasn't a joke, the delivery person had tore open and stolen the iPhone 4!

    She called FedEx to report it while I called apple as well. FedEx is a joke with this stuff (my packages have been stolen from my doorstep in the past from Chicago (I live in LA now) and they never did anything for me = total loss. Where I live now is a nice area with electronic gate security etc.

    After 30min on hold with apple the lady was very polite and set up a report. She told me they will call me within one business day (its been 24hrs as of right now). She told me I couldn't get one from the store without just buying it, but they are able to expedite a replacement to me.


    Later that day I received a call from a blocked number. It was a guy about 45 miles away from me who had bought an iPhone 4 from Craigslist and upon plugging it in saw MY PHONE NUMBER! I told him that was my phone that was stolen by a FedEx employee (most likely). His description of the shady seller matches the description of our FedEx guy!!!

    The buyer said he paid $850 for the phone and nothing else (no box or cables). Without my info he cannot activate or use it at all, so he actually called me back to ask for my zip code so he could "at least play around with it".


    That is an unbelievable story! Make sure ATT knows it's a stolen phone so if he walks in and tries to get a new sim card they'll grab him...
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    Just wanted to vent my frustrations - I've been going through the same issue ever since I got mine on Wednesday. Had the FedEx driver right in front of me when I opened it outside AFTER signing for it (a mistake I think none of us victims will ever make again), and when he saw what I saw, he told me there was nothing that he could do and that I had to call 1-800-GO-FEDEX. Annoying, and I'm not going to accuse the guy of doing it because it literally could've been anyone along the line, but I didn't think much of it.

    Ever since then, I've been bouncing back and forth with Apple and FedEx, trying to get some sort of resolution. FedEx told me they'd get back to me within 5-7 days, and when I asked them if I could possibly get the name of the driver, they said they couldn't give me any assistance with that at the time.

    When I called Apple, they claimed they'd place a trace on it and get back to me within 24 hours. After waiting a solid 36, I called them this morning, and they offered to help me out and take care of everything. A few hours later, I got an e-mail telling me that my iPhone 4 was placed for return and set to go - I found this sort of strange since I was asked to send them my phone back for a refund...despite the fact that I don't have the phone. I called them again to try and sort it out, and after an hour and a half of bouncing around between agents left and right, I was told I could finally get a be shipped out on JULY 20TH. JULY. A MONTH after I was due the shipment. I asked them if I could possibly have something expedited for me since it seems that nearly everyone else with this issue has had some special circumstances taken, but alas, they couldn't do anything for me. I'm tempted to call back in again, but I need to take a little bit of a break from the 2+ hours I've spent talking to Apple (I can only listen to the same Kanye West songs on hold so many times).

    Mind you, best part? I've emailed the old sjobs account a few times about this, updating every time there's a new twist or turn...nothing. Not saying I deserve a response or that I'm a special situation, but it's funny that a long time customer that's purchased MANY products from Apple gets nothing while people asking why they have to hold their phone a certain way can get something, even if just a smartass remark.

    Incredibly frustrated,
    iPhone 4 Non-Owner

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    Mine had the iphone 4 inside( thank god!) but the tape was slashed and the box was crumpled as if someone put their hand inside or tried to take out the phone. I wasn't able to ask the fedex guy why?
  • backintheiphoneworld08 Level 1 (70 points)
    this is exactly what i was scared of but thank god my phone was in the box and nothing seemed tempered the fedex guy made me sign first before giving me the box from now on check the box before signing!
  • Johnathan Burger Level 6 (15,882 points)
    My box arrived today.
    The box was opened, the driver just dropped it on my porch and walked off. No signature, nothing.

    Fortunately my iPhone was in the box.

    What the heck is going on with fedex?
  • jaykav99 Level 1 (40 points)
    Wow is that BS, its like they are ****** about doing thier job by delivering packages. Since i know i wont be home and sure as **** am not doin any presign. The driver better take it back to the terminal so i can pick it up and open it right in front of them.
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    File a police report and get on the record. The U.S. mail has similar problems, and some guy went to jail for opening gift cards during the graduation season looking to steal cash that people often send to graduates.

    You pay taxes to get police protection, and the purpose is to protect you, your family, and your property.
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    Sorry to hear about your experience. Hope Apple is able to help you.
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    Pretty much the same nonsense except I'm pretty sure the apartment leasing office stole it. I go to my apartment complex to pick up my iphone today and immediately notice that my box is cut open and the box is half way opened. I told the lady getting my mail that I know that they don't accept opened or damaged packages so WHY is my box cut open and to explain why it was accepted? No response and she just looked scared. I open the box in front of her and of course no iphone. She takes the box to the back-manager, spends like 3 minutes and I hear her whispering. She comes back out and says sorry there is nothing we can do. I look at her and ask her if there are cameras in the office I could review (I do LP stuff for my company so natural reaction). She started looking even more worried and said there were no cameras. At this point my LP mode kicked in even heavier and I explained to her that the phones have GPS units with distinct serial numbers that pin point to within feet. I just smiled and said I can't believe the left the plastic in the box, I've got a finger print! Now I am going to call Apple and request a GPS marker and send the police to the location (Just LP blabber). While there is no way for me to prove it the reaction when I told her my apartment number and name immediately made me suspicious.

    I called Apple of course and reported my claim. The lady was very nice and apologized and give me the company line of calling back in 24 hours.(More LP blabber) That is intended to scare the end user in case they are lying to say "oh I just found it". I'm a patient person and expect this will take at least 3 days to get anywhere but don't like AT&T to begin with so Apple is the only thing holding me with the iPhone. I explained to the lady that I wanted a replacement but would not wait an extended amount of time as my contract with AT&T was up and needed a phone immediately. I get ****** off enough I'll put one of my free fraud resolutions in with Amex and get my money back and give something else a try. The media is always an option but they won't care unless the issue affects the masses which this doesn't.
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    It happens guys, Apple and Fedex will get this sorted out. Unfortunately it will take some time.
  • stephen w Level 1 (5 points)
    I am a mail carrier for the USPS. I knew what I was delivering today, and I made a point of personally handing each phone to the customer, as opposed to leaving it in a "safe" location. There is no safe location with something like this! And as bad as I want the new iphone, stealing it is L-A-M-E!!! First of all, if you try to activate it, you're busted...secondly, it's just not worth $54,500 (1 yrs salary)!!! You idiots that stole these phones WILL get caught!
  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 (10,505 points)
    Unfortunatley the people who steal the phones are not the ones who will end up being caught.
    They won't be stealing them to use for themselves, they will sell them on to unsuspecting idiots, who will be then caught with stolen property.

    What we all have to do as honest people is not buy things from theives.
    I see people who buy stolen goods and then are outraged if they get robbed.
    If there is no market then there is no reason for these people to steal.

    I know it is frustrating and very disappointing not to get your iPhone and it will get resolved.
    It is not Apple's fault, they don't want these devices going missing any more than you do.
    I had the same thing happen to me with an iPod Colour when they first came out (quite a valuable item at the time). It went missing on it's way to me via TNT, they never found it and Apple sent me another.
    It does take time though as Apple must first get a report from the shipper to say that the item has not been delivered, if they did not they would be open to even more fraud. The shipper is the issue here, they have lost the item (theft), they investigate, but it takes too long.

    Take you frustration out on the shipper, not Apple. Apple will send you another.
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    I'm not having any luck with Apple's customer service. I feel like everyone there just wants to blow me off. I can't get any strait answers and when I think I get a strait answer, it turns out to be BS.

    My order status has still not changed and right now I'm suppose to ship back an empty box? I just don't get it. This is taking way to long, I'm almost not even excited to get the phone anymore, especially with all of the issues that are going on.

    This has been a very big let down and has started to change my mind about Apple in general. I know it's not their fault that some ******* as FedEx decided to crap on my parade, but the way it's being handled is just terrible in my opinion.

    I truly don't believe Apple "secured" the boxes or shipped them discretely enough to hinder anyone from being able to steal them with very little effort.

    Granted my box was ripped open from the side, but other than that, there was only one little piece of tape holding a box closed that housed a $699 phone (replacement cost if this doesn't get worked out).

    I just think for a company as innovative as Apple, that they would take more pride in securing expensive items for the people that help put them where they're at today.

    This happened on Weds, still no call from ANYONE at Apple, no email from ANYONE at Apple (except the one that I requested, that lead to absolutely nowhere anyway). I still have no true, concrete proof that my phone is actually going to be replaced, just the "words" from a few people (at Apple) that I've called.

    I plan to try one last time tomorrow to get some solid proof that my phone is being replaced... I just don't understand how Apple has absolutely no back up plan for any unfortunate instances with the release of such a highly anticipated product. To me, there is no excuse for it. It's very disappointing.
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