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Question: macOS Catalina 10.15.5 won't update on my 13" MacBook Air 2015

I have a 13" MacBook Air 2015 and I am unable to update to the newest version of macOS Catalina (10.15.5).

When I press 'update now' in the settings under the software update tab. The screen goes black with the apple sign and a progress bar underneath. Once the progress bar goes fully to the other side (which only takes about 10 seconds), the screen goes black again and then comes to the login page where I have to put my password to my Mac in (as that is what I normally do to access my Mac). Which, when I go into the settings again, it still comes up with with the new update saying update now.

I've tried shutting fully down and turning back on again, which doesn't work and tried restarting, which also doesn't work.

Any help would very much be appreciated!

MacBook Air

Posted on May 26, 2020 4:15 PM

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Boot into Safe Mode (How to use safe mode on your Mac - Apple Support) by booting with the Shift key held down and try to download and install the macOS Catalina 10.15.5 Combo Update  from there.

NOTE: Safe Mode boot can take up to 10 minutes as it's doing some system cache cleaning, volume verifying and directory repairing. 

Posted on May 28, 2020 10:13 AM

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May 26, 2020 11:03 PM in response to skyjumpr83 In response to skyjumpr83

I ended up contacting the Apple Support team and they told me that you more likely don't have enough storage on your hard drive to update to the 10.15.5.

So I deleted a bunch of stuff and tried updating again and it worked.

May 26, 2020 11:03 PM

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May 27, 2020 3:32 AM in response to ValentinUrsa In response to ValentinUrsa

Suggest going to https://support.apple.com/kb/DL2040?viewlocale=en_CA&locale=en_CA and download the Combo 10.15.5 update. Shutdown computer. Connect to power supply. Startup in Safe Mode ( Shift key at startup ) It will take longer to startup - this is normal. Once up, run the Combo Updater 10.15.5

May 27, 2020 3:32 AM

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May 27, 2020 3:34 AM in response to Random4837 In response to Random4837

I find the biggest culprit in robbing your Mac of storage is Podcasts. If you are subscribed to a few, they are downloaded to your Mac, whether you listen or not. All you need to do is to REMOVE ones that are old or that you have no interest in. This will cure a lot of problems. It did for me.

May 27, 2020 3:34 AM

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May 27, 2020 9:49 AM in response to ValentinUrsa In response to ValentinUrsa

Since you are already on Catalina 10.15.xx, should be good for Security Updates for another 2 to 3 years. If you are asking if 2012 MacBook Air can upgrade beyond Catalina . . . Only Apple knows for sure.

Me, have Mac mini 2011 that can not go further than High Sierra 10.13.6, iMac Late 2012 on Catalina and do not expect to go any further. Also, 2018 Retina MacBook Air also on Catalina and expect to get one or two more upgrades 10.16 or 10.17 and end of the line.

Hope this answers the second question.

May 27, 2020 9:49 AM

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May 27, 2020 11:42 AM in response to P. Phillips In response to P. Phillips

It makes total sense, thank you. Managed to update to Catalina 10.15.5 yayyy As for my MacBook Air 2012 I will wait and see. I also doubt it will be able to go beyond Catalina; however as long as Apple releases security only updates for it for another year or two I would be happy. My aim is to get 10 years out of it before I go ahead and buy a new MacBook Air. I think the new Macbok Air 2020 needs either one or two more refreshes before its really the best it can be ;)) Improved silent fans and a 1080HD FaceTime camera will make it a treasure haha

May 27, 2020 11:42 AM

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Question: macOS Catalina 10.15.5 won't update on my 13" MacBook Air 2015