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  • miksiker Level 1 Level 1

    So far I've been offered a $200 reburbished replacement phone both instore and on the phone, both of which are completely unacceptable. I think I'm going to just keep calling them until they offer me something at least somewhat reasonable. There is no way I'm forking out another $200 16 months after buying the phone new.


    Probably the last Apple product I will ever buy. Might consider a Samsung Galaxy or maybe the new BlackBerry Z10. Doubt either of them would have such significant hardware defects, or at least would acknowledge them if they did and solve the issue for their customers. This customer service from Apple is absolutely abysmal.

  • Shareef Yousef Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the list with a 4S (power button is completely dead). Luckily I have it jailbroken to work around some of these issues.

  • Forgotten Rebel Level 1 Level 1

    This happened to my iPhone 4 and apple charged me 200 plus tax to replace this obviously defective product.


    I guess its just cheaper to be dishonest and get sued rather than be fair an truthful in business.


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  • Princeville Level 1 Level 1

    I have a question about the warranty on a refurbished iPhone. My sleep button on my 19 month 4S hasn't completely failed, but it's getting harder and harder to turn on and off so I have an appointment with the genius bar tomorrow. I purchased AppleCare so hopefully this will be covered, but if they end up giving me a refurb'd phone, will it only have a 90 day warranty instead of the 5 months I have left on this phone?


    Also, for those of you working around a broken sleep button by plugging your phone in to turn it on, doesn't hitting your home button turn on your phone?

  • unsu Level 1 Level 1


    if they end up giving me a refurb'd phone, will it only have a 90 day warranty instead of the 5 months I have left on this phone?

    after they replace your phone, you will have 5 months b/c your apple care warranty is longer

  • Albeit Level 1 Level 1

    I don't know about you guys, but I've been having issues with the Sleep/Wake buttons on all my iPhones, and the Home button on my iPhone 4 was particularly flawed.

  • Gilles ph Level 1 Level 1

    Same her my power off button stoped working after 18 months on my iPhone 4...

  • Livinlarge Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the list of iP4 button faulty.  The phone is now relegated to a shelf.

  • Ariendg Level 1 Level 1

    Also add me to the list.

    I have been using the AssistiveTouch to lock my iphone 4 and the power cable to turn it on for months now.

    The power button broke after about 13/14 months after purchase.


    The Home button still works fine for now...

  • Alvaro_Vury Level 1 Level 1

    I hate my iPhone 4 power button >:(

  • scott kuehn Level 1 Level 1

    My iphone 4s power button broke after about 17 months.  I'm using assistive technology to go to the lock screen.  It would be nice if Apple could fix this.

  • katiegirl1 Level 1 Level 1

    I had my home button stop working after I purchased it from a 3rd party. It was and IPhone 4S. I perchased it  from an I-phone store that repair all apple products. You can also buy new I-phones or trade in you older one for a new one.The phone was in great shape and worked well for 3 week after I purchased it.

    Then the buttton just stopped  working. I took it back to where I had puurchased it for $300 some and I was told

    that they could fix it for $20 since I purchased it through them.

    They told me that it was the number one thing

    that breaks on I-phones 4 and 4S. I was very confuse and disbelieved this fact. I started asking friend and family

    all who have Ipones. None had the problem and they had them for years back as far as I-phone 3.

    Obviouly, I got one of the millions that did have this problem. All I want is for Apple admitt  that the problem

    exisits and they reimberse the cost of fixing the button. The store also told me that the second button that goes next is the round button in the center that you push to change between screens. They clain the the I-Pad

    has a different system that is why the don't have a problem with the I-pad's.

    They need to fix the design flaw. The store said that you souldn't keep the phones in tight pant pockets, that the

    heat and humidity from your body does not help matters either.

  • Nightwalker.lx Level 1 Level 1

    Same Here, buy my Iphone 4 2 years ago, first: home button stuck with only 2 months of use, and one year later, power button failed, I try to clean it with compressed air can, and nothing, here in my country the re-seller didn't gave me guarantee, so I got to paid $100 to change both buttons, thank you Apple for these beautiful and expensive not full-working device, and didn't changed it because I paid a lot for these one, so I got to use it, and don't want an Sam-sung, Xper-ia, H-TC or Black-berry devices are not good, I already used that ones, maybe No-kia are a better option....




    PD: I used the spellchecker and didn't recognized the IPHONE word....

  • bstern2000 Level 1 Level 1

    my iphone 4 power button broke 18 months after purchase.  of course its out of warranty so i am out of luck.  I either spend appx. 100$ on and out of warranty exchange, spend 50$ with shipping buying the parts on amazon and fixing the phone myself.   I will do neither.  i am not going spend a penny for this.   


    in the meantime i am using the assistive touch feature

  • unsu Level 1 Level 1

    A power button was broken on my iPhone 4S after 9 months of use. I was very careful and gentle to my phone, never dropped and even did not use a lot. The store replaced it with a refurbished one. After 2 months of use I noticed that the power button is sitting low but still working. I am really afraid of it might break again by the end of 3rd month... How rude and disrectfectful that Apple never admitting this as a major problem in their design. It affect not only iPhone 4 users but also iPhones 4S and even iPhones 5.

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