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    Same problem as everyone else it seems. Store display shows up for a second than disappears, just my side bar information on the left remains. Fugg this is frustrating... I've been wanting to buy new music for 2 weeks to no avail. Apple are you out there???
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    Just a few days ago I was able to get onto itunes only if I R clicked the itunes icon & selected "run as administrator". Now it doesn't even work if I do that. I just uninstalled all itunes and itunes add ons, then reistalled (per support information at apple)and I still have the same problem. I've read alot about this issue regarding "proxys" and "ports" of which I don't understand at all! Is there someone out there who can help? I decided to add to this forum because I hope someone can help us fix this. I also figured maybe if enough people have the same problem, apple will do something to resolve it!?
    The funniest part about this was when I went onto the apple support website to look for help, the first step for "diagnosis" from apple was.. 1.Log into itunes--????
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    Hi - I was having he same problem tonight. I haven't logged on to download songs for months now. It would display for a few seconds then bounce out and the screen would be blank. Then I read somewhere on here to UPDATE your itunes. I went back to update and rebooted - it works fine now phew
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    Same story here. Tried to connect to itunes store this morning and then again this evening to buy music. The screen will open for about two seconds and then goes blank. I tried to call and got answering machine. Emailed. Checked my security settings, tried to disable the store in preferences menu under parental control. This is a school computer, so my tech director is the only one who can update a new version. I just upgraded last spring, but maybe I need to have her upgrade to 10. Other people are saying this did not work either. Just want to know if the problem is with my computer or Apple. I have a Dell with xp and have never had this trouble with itunes before. Help!
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    Am having the same problem. So it is obviously not an out of date version of iTunes that's the problem.

    Apple - pls sort out?
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    You'll need to completely uninstall iTunes from your computer. On a Window's computer with the iTunes download there's a few other components that help iTunes function. Sometimes it's one of these are corrupted causing an issue.

    Steps on uninstalling iTunes for Windows XP:
    (keep in mind, if you have Windows XP Service Pack 2, the latest version of iTunes 10 will not download onto the computer as it is not compatible.)

    Steps on uninstalling iTunes for WIndows Vista and Windows 7:

    One the uninstall is complete restart your computer and download the latest version of iTunes at
    If the issue is happening on a mac, drag iTunes to the Trash and re-download.

    NOW, if you're getting an error about the iTunes store not being able to connect, what you may want to try is creating a new user account on your computer and accessing the iTunes Store from that other user. Or, a lot of the time it's third party programs interfering with iTunes and not allowing iTunes to access the internet. Doing MSCONFIG will determine that since it will temporarily turn off all third party programs. If the MSConfig fixes the issue that means it's one of your programs causing the problem. One or the other should fix the 3212 error.
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    I have been trying to connect to the itunes store I have been trying seems yesterday and it wont work I can get on to the itunes store and have a look round at the music but when I want to buy some thing I can sign in it come up with a error message I can even signing in using my mums account what's going on can anyone help or can apple help as this is not fair I am really thinking of just waiting for the music to come out in the stores and just loading them on itunes PLEASE HELP
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    I've been having this problem all day. Frustrating as I'm not computer saavy. Has anyone had a solution to the problem? Maybe I should rethink buying an IPad.
    Thank you.
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    had this problem for weeks. This is probably why I would never actually pay for apple products, because they don't even provide support for it. Piraaaaacy tiiiiime
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    Dear all, I have had just the same problem as you all - and I found a solution to it. Since there was only poor email support from Apple (sorry, Apple!) by linking to the FAQs sites I already studied before, I decided to delete/deinstall Apple iTunes from my laptop and download it again "from zero". After that, everything worked well again. All the other explanations didn't lead anywhere.

    Please try, good luck!

    (I am just about to get my next download single...
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    Re: iTunes store won't connect / secure link to itunes store failed windows 7
    I found a solution hope it works for you. I will not be looking at this tread again so apologies for the lack of reply, unless I come across any problems my self which I will report back.
    This problem happened for me after I upgraded to iTunes in Windows 7.
    I went to Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced [tab] >
    [in the list scroll down to] Security, the options "Use S.S.L. 3.0" and "Use TLS 1.0" were already selected. I selected the other security options SSL 2.0, TLS 1.1 and TSL 1.2 and my itunes works fine and and able to access the store
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    tinatz did you lose library or music purchased when you uninstalled & reinstalled itunes?
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    I have been having the same issue for about a week now. Itunes will load for a few seconds and then the screen will go blank, I tried updates and about everything I could. This must be a problem on the other end of apple. Please get this fixed!

    Very Frustrated Itunes user
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    If I uninstall Itunes and then reinstall the new updated 10.2 version, won't that delete all my movies, songs and videos?