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  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,165 points)

    It seems I have to upgrade.

    Hopefully, you can. Depending on your model Mac, you may be able to install Lion, but not Mountain Lion. The Core Duo 2 iMac we use as a server is like that. Lion is the latest OS it will ever be able to run.

  • Willie Nelson Level 1 (0 points)

    When you click "File", press the Option key, and you will see "Save As".

  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,165 points)

    Yes, I know that, but that's not the point. To new users, it's not a big deal. That's just the way it is from the start and they get used it that way because they haven't already learned and gotten set with the previous commands.


    1) For long time Mac users, reassigning Command+Shift+S to Duplicate breaks years of muscle memory and memorized procedure to do a Save As. I do a lot of my commands from the keyboard and Save As is ingrained as Command+Shift+S. Not a forced moved to the menu bar to get at it.


    Yes, without modifying the keyboard setup, you can do it from the keyboard as Command+Option+Shift+S, but try it. While Command+Shift+S is pretty easy to do, Command+Option+Shift+S is a very awkward stroke to do with one hand.


    2) If you do all of the steps I outlined, it also puts the OS X back to the way long time users expect the OS to work. It never made sense to break 25 years of menu commands by suddenly moving/changing it.

  • DChord568 Level 1 (10 points)

    PeePee Sprinkles wrote:


    I admit my typos.


    I admit you didn't help me, but that you are proud to be a fan-boy.




    But you DON'T admit that:


    1. You never acknowledged or replied to this post, which I made immediately after your entry into this forum. If you had, none of what followed would have been necessary, because you could have easily clarified which operating system was installed on your Mac.
    2. You erred in this post when you said you had previously stated that you have OS 10.7 (Lion) installed on your computer, not OS 10.8. In fact, you had made no such statement prior to this anywhere in this thread.
    3. Although you had every opportunity to admit this error when I called it to your attention in this post, you failed to do so...thus compounding the error. Of course, to do so would have been to admit to an embarrassing truth about yourself, so you chose instead to ignore it and hoped no one would notice.


    As for calling me a fan-boy, I'm amused that you imagine you're dealing me a cutting-edge insult by calling me this. Never mind how clichéd and lame the term is by now...if you had bothered to review my many posts in this thread, you would have seen that all but the most recent portray me as mightily PO'd at Apple for their incredible Save As blunder.




    I admit you can' t see beyond an arbitrary forum name (seems racist).


    LOL! A racist takes a quality that an individual has no control over (skin color and/or ethnic derivation) and extrapolates from that a (negative) opinion of ALL people who have these qualities, with no regard for their individual characteristics.


    I took a quality that you DO have control over (your choice of a screen name) and formed an opinion about YOU and you only.


    And guess what? That opinion was formed by far more than just your screen name, which was merely icing on the cake. If you hadn't come into this forum with a chip on your shoulder and used aggressive, offensive language in your posts right out of the gate (e.g., "Typical apple discussion jerk response"), I never would have had anything to say about your screen name.





    I also admit Kurt Lang has provided a great response for 10.8 users,  Thanks Kurt. It seems I have to upgrade.


    Kurt is a wonderful guy. But you could have had this "great response" and drawn this conclusion days ago (and avoided a great deal of unpleasantness) if you hadn't had your head stuck up there where the sun don't shine.



    I'm greatly looking forward to seeing how you'll ignore all the things presented here in your next post.

  • DChord568 Level 1 (10 points)

    Kurt Lang wrote:



    If you do all of the steps I outlined, it also puts the OS X back to the way long time users expect the OS to work. It never made sense to break 25 years of menu commands by suddenly moving/changing it.


    Kurt, I applied the change you suggested in Keyboard Preferences at home last night, and it worked like a charm! Thanks very much for passing this along.

  • PeePee Sprinkles Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow, you are a racist.

  • Willie Nelson Level 1 (0 points)

    Ahhh! I totally see your point. Thanks for the explanation. This is quite a learning experience!

  • Barry Level 7 (29,620 points)

    PP writes (in response to DChord):

    "Wow, you are a racist."


    If this is a serious comment, I'd be interested in learning the evidence of racism you found in DChord's comments. If it's just a silly comment, or a meaningless one, there's no need to respond.




  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,165 points)

    One thing that really threw long time Mac users was that Save As shifted at all. From the beginning of the Mac OS, Apple made it clear to all developers that certain guidelines were to be followed at all times for consistency between apps. Users didn't have to learn different keyboard commands from app to app to do the same thing. Command+Q is always Quit, Command+O is always Open, etc.


    Then comes Lion and Apple breaks their own guidelines by moving Save As to a different keystroke. So there you are using Command+Shift+S in any Adobe software, MS Office, you name it. Until you use any Lion updated app from Apple, and for those it's suddenly Command+Option+Shift+S.

  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,340 points)

    PeePee Sprinkles wrote:


    Wow, you are a racist.

    Can you substantiate that? or is it just one more sprinkle?

  • Donnie Ashworth Level 3 (880 points)

    Just when it was beginning to get boring around here with Yvan gone.

  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,340 points)

    I miss Yvan

  • Kurt Lang Level 8 (36,165 points)

    I shouldn't laugh, but it is funny.

  • Dennis Burnham Level 1 (25 points)

    Sorry folks, I have been absent from this discussion for a long time, having come to grips with the Mountail Lion "improvements" that we lobbied for, long and hard.  It was worth it.  Thanks to all who helped.


    Seeing a flurry of recent posts in my inbox, I wondered what might be going on that's new.  So I see now that we have a stand-in for Yvan, who is sprinkling something on all of us.  *** is that all about?!?!   Good grief.


    Anyway, thanks to Kurt for posting the tips about how to manage certain preferences.


    And for those who raised the issue about scanners .. here is what I learned.  If you have an older scanner that uses a TWAIN driver, it won't work in Photoshop the way it did before with the Import command, but your Apple Image Capture program will probably drive the scanner.  In my case, I have a Canon LIDE 70 scanner and it will work not only with Image Capture but also with Canon's scanner software.


    I'm not ready to buy a newer scanner on the promise that it will work with Apple's new method of driving scanners because I don't want to also spend unnecessary money upgrading my Adobe software too, because scanning is just an occasional thing in my work.

  • pjmetz Level 1 (5 points)

    Even more important, what if you want to save a file in a different file type, such as saving a Numbers spreadsheet as Excel. You can't do that with Duplicate. You have to use Save As...!