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  • Donnie Ashworth Level 3 Level 3 (875 points)

    Yes, useless change just for the sake of justifying a new version. I still think there is talent at Apple, but it's hard to escape the impression that there isn't a guiding vision there anymore. It seems to be all about rushing out the next iOS device for big sales. I certainly hope your book makes an impression because I'm not happy with the way things seem to be headed at Apple.

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    One of the key things that made the Apple Stores awesome is that they didn't push you to buy anything. Now they are being measured based on individual sales results. People have said that staff at the genius bar are already pushing people to buy software, to upgrade hardware etc. They have a guy from the retail world running the Apple stores. What would you expect him to do? Just what he has done in every other retail environment. Put people on commisstions. What made the Apple Stores awesome was that they are not like other stores. You could go in there and get advice and know that you would not be pressured into anything, unlike most other stores. "Think Differently" was the Apple motto. Well the people running the company now think the same as everyone else. My friend is an architect and he used to work on new Apple stores. Now they are planning to not put in the expensive awesome glass stair cases that Steve Jobs designed into the new stores. They are thinking about costs, not about products and customer experience. Hence thinner aluminum on the Macbook Pro, scratch easy aluminum on the iPhone 5, the list goes on. Now they are looking at what sells to see what they should be building next, not what people will want in the future. They have been innovative, now they are reactive. This is something that you see in their new thinking. Last time it took 10 years before they went bankrupt. This time I expect the same outcome. 5 years to decline, and 5 more years to die. There is no Steve Jobs to save them.


    (I use these notes as the basis for my ebook, so I tend to write a lot here. Also I am really passionate about this).

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    I mean it is officially called The New iPad, but the new iPhone is the iPhone 5. This image is from the iOS6 Apple website page, at the bottom. What leadership and vision is that? What are they going to call the next iPad? The Really New iPad. And in 5 years time is the current iPad still officially going to be The New iPad? Imagine the marketing meeting for the iPad 5. "But we already have a New iPad." - "Oh $#!? we didn't think about that..."


    The New iPad.png

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    Steve:   re IOS  email


    I bet you have two different networks/supplers for your emails.  One for your home base   that is the WIFI and another one for your G3/phone on the Ipad/Iphone.


    many of us had the same problem and it is easy to solve .(three weeks to find it right in front of me)


    on the iphone or ipad go to:


    -mail, contacts, calendars

    -select valid email account

    -goto  SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server)

    -select the server that is active

    -in the outgoing mail server there is host name  then- the user name (optional) this is not optional nor is the pass word    (the two optional items must be entered


    whatever you use on your regular email put it in and all should work..


    it did for me..       I tried it several time to make sure.  At first I used the wrong password.  so try it out first... if you have 4-5 email accounts for all different stuff you must do it for each one.


    the reason for this problem is that I use BT for host email and another supplier for Ipad/Iphone  when the Iphone/ipad suppler sends the message to BT through my normal outgoing SMTP BT will not accept the message as he does not know who you are at that point the message is just coming from some other machine.  Thus user name and pass word is necessary to identify the message as vald (that is you pay your bills)


    this worked for me, my other half and several others I have passed it on to.


    I can finally use public wifi at airports, starbucks, the local pub and send out messages instead of waiting to hear the whish when I get home.


    cheers elo

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    We have no phone and no phone plan, no 3G service etc. We have 2 Wifi iPods and an iPad. I have updated one of our two iPods to iOS6 to test it. When there is no Wifi I often write emails. Like when I am at the beach. Then when I get home my iPod automatically connects to the Wifi and sends the emails. Before in iOS5 the sound of an email being sent happened when I was Wifi connected and the email was actually sent. Now it happens when the "send" button is pressed. But the email is in my Outbox, and has not been sent. When I get home and the Wifi is connected then the email sends, without any sound. The email is in my Outbox so I can go back to it and change it before I get home, so it has not been sent. But the sound has told me that it has been sent. How stupid is that? And when I get home and it actually sends? Nothing. No sound. Silence. This is a DIFFERENT behavior to what iOS5 did. Therefore Apple has made yet another change for no benefit, no purpose, which does something different to whatever was done before, and now creates confusion where before there was none. This is all done with a MobileMe email address that is now working on iCloud. So this is nothing to do with what you have talked about here.



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    I apoligize.  I did not fully realize your situation. I just saw the issue I had been fighting for a long time and then solved.


    I will not be home for another week and will not be trying any new software until then..


    However I have never before installed os's of any kind until sometime after general release.  waiting to see issues, fixes etc.


    I think I will hold off with this upgrade on my machine but put it on my other half's machine (ouch!) and see the results besides the complaints from her...


    cheers elo

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    If you rely on Google Maps then don't update to iOS6. The iMaps is a total joke. They have $100 billion in the bank and they couldn't manage to get a maps app as good as Google Maps was 5 years ago. It is embarrasing. Beyond that my iPad 2 (also called The Not So New iPad) and my iPod Touch 4th Generation (also called The Latest But One iPod) don't get Siri, so there is little reason to update. But lots of annoying reasons not to...

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    This is not Apples fault, but I thought I would flag another dumb thing that has crept into the environment.


    One of the glories of apple was always that you could name your files whatever you wanted.  Now in Office 2011 it seems that Word can not open a file with a forward slash in the name. As a scientiest user I have many of these indicating a division operation.


    Although I have to say that my transition from 2004 to 2011 was almost painless, which was not true for 2008, which was a bad incarnation of Word (ppt was ok though).

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    Something which is really annoying me is the disappearance from Mail of the little rotating wheel which used to appear against each account when receiving or sending. My connection here is very variable and frequently slows down. Without the little wheel indicator I cannot see what is or is not happening. It is particularly frustrating when sending because there is absolutely nothing to show whether there is any activity going on until the mail is actually sending when the bar in the "activity box" (bottom left) appears. Often I am waiting for ages before the indicator bar appears and I am wondering whether I clicked on send or inadvertently deleted the message! So why did they remove the wheel? What harm was it doing? And, if they had to take it away for some obscure reason only known to themselves, then why not provide an option to restore it.


    There is an option to switch to "classic view" which one might assume would return things to the way they were in SL. But no, the wheel is missing from that too!


    I tried "Mailmate" which is good and does have the wheel indicator but you can only use IMAP and not POP. I also tried "Thunderbird" but found it clunky and a bit complicated.

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    Worse than re-inventing the wheel and making it square, they removed it.

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    One of the reasons that I stuck with Lion is that the iCal program works really well compared to the Snow Leopard version. Plus I use MobileMe email accounts and they became iCloud accounts, which only work on Lion.


    Now I have decided to stop using iCal and take my personal data off the iCloud. This was after reading about someone who had his iCloud hacked and they used that to wipe his iPhone, his iPad and his MacBook Air.


    My wife is also thinking to get a new Retina MacBook Pro and we will use that for emails. This means that I now have no need for Lion. Which means... I am going back to Snow Leopard!!! I can't wait. As soon as we get the new Retina MacBook Pro I will do a clean install from the original CD's and I can end all this Versions insanity.


    On a side note, I have one of our two iPods on iOS6 and the other iPod and iPad on iOS5. I will be reverting the first iPod back to iOS5 as I am just sick of the insanity of iOS6. So many little annoying things that are just so stupid. A mail program that makes the "sent email" sound when you are offline and the email hasn't sent. The stupid pull bown blob to refresh your emails. iMaps. I mean what were they thinking? The Gmail App for iOS6 doesn't let you see your emails when you are offline. Only when connected to the WIfi, even if you downloaded them to the iPod. What insanity is this?


    When you revert to the old operating systems because they are better then you know that you are either using Windows computers, or Steve Jobs has passed away. Sad but true.

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    Hello Steve,


    I installed OwnCloud ( on my Linux box at home. I sync Linux, Snow Leopart, iOS5 and Android for both Calendars and Contacts.

    In this way data is in my house.


    I hope it helps


  • markinbali Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


    I have just done the same. Only my new retina MBP is on OS 10.8.2. My old macbook (inherited by my daughter) is now back to SL, and my trusty macmini is also back to SL. Its great and after a clean install it runs really fast. SL is proving to be the XP of the Mac world. The difference is that XP continued to be used for years because it could be installed on any machine, new or old. Apple have become masters of "built in obsolescence"

  • Steve Maximus Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Stefano67, Thanks for that. My desire is to keep all of my private data off any cloud anywhere. I mean having my data off any computer that links to the internet.


    Also I have realized that while I have used iCal for 3 years of data, if I stop using Apple then I can't read that data. My wife is in the process of transfering that past data to a spreadsheet. Therefore it is "future proof." The same with contacts.


    So while this Cloud solution is interesting, it is not what I want. I will be using my Snow Leopard computer for work, but never connecting it to the internet. That way I don't have to worry about Trojans, viruses, or people hacking into my computer.


    I do a lot of backups, on different drives, on a daily basis so I know my data is secure. It could happen on any system connected to the internet. That is why returning to Snow Leopard and getting off the internet for that computer is the best option for me.


    I still have my iOS5 iPod and iPad for reading emails and websites.


    Read this if you want to know about being hacked through iCloud.


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    Mark, if your daughter needs help fixing the screen on that Macbook I might be able to help. It might just be a lose cable. I'm pretty handy with a screwdriver. See this video as an example on how to fix these things.



    Certainly SL is the XP of Apple. I wonder if the Mini Macs on sale now in the Apple store in Kuta can still run it. That might make it worth getting one of them before the new upgrades come along.


    We saw an older MacBook Pro in an Apple Store in Sri Lanka and we almost bought it, just to have something that isn't Lion locked.


    Funny how two years ago you could trust every new Apple software upgrade, and now we are looking for ways to roll back to Snow Leopard and iOS5.

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