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    I am sorry to hear of your separate disasters trying to get things done. I've held off from iCloud because my Internet connection is not real fast and I didn't want a lot of unexpected sync-ing to slow me down. I think I'll continue to avoid it until the daily usage issues calm down. Likewise I have always avoided iPhoto, initially because the folder system was so obtuse. I have never had a good photo directory substitute though as I made do with the Kodak program for years (which was simple at least). I tried Aperature which has some advantages, and I'm now trying to use the Adobe Organizer which I like but is slow.


    For these file issues I was very pleased to find the technique for restoring Save As using Keyboard Shortcuts and learning how to suspend the auto-save feature. I feel like my points of frustration are calming down now and I completely credit these bulletins.



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    These monkeys in charge of Apple now only have stock options.


    My wife bought a 13 inch Air today. We wanted the Retina MBP but we read about problems with those models that have an LG screen. The Samsung ones don't have issues. Apple refuses to admit there is a problem, and still sells the LG screen MBP Retinas. We could not guarantee that the Retina MBP we would buy would be a Samsung screen and the reseller would not let us return it if it was an LG screen. There is a simple test you can do to find out, but you have to inbox it todo that. So no way to guarantee a working screen, and Apple refusing to admit to the proble, we went for the Air instead. $1,000 less to Apple.


    I am now in the process of taking my 5 year old laptop from Lion back to Snow Leopard and removing it from the internet totally. I am excited. A work computer that has no Versions and has Save-As amd no iCloud. It is like a dream I once had, that is suddenly coming true. Oh wait, no that was no dream, it was just the way life was a year ago.


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    There is no reason to be upgrading a working computer continuously.  My computer use is 95% work related and I stuck with OS9.2 and only upgraded to 10.4.2.  I had a considerable advantage over my colleagues, especially those who went straight to 10.0, which was a nightmare worse than Lion... probably.  I say probably because I did not experience either first hand.

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    Sorry Oxcart but I have to disagree with you. The reason to upgrade is added features. Sure the older system works but the new system SHOULD be better. You pay for "better". It is just that Apple think different = better.

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    You are mistaken. Problem is the new is no longer means better. They want you to upgrade to earn more money only. All new features could be in 10.6.9 without this crappy Lion and Mountain Lion stuff and they could be free , but no - they must have money so they reinwent the wheel.


    If I have PPC Machine proably also be using Tiger and OS 9.

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    old news from the world of Microsoft    Save As







    this is what worrried me.  Will they offer an opt-in / opt-out  If they ever get it out..



    cheers elo

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    Got myself off iCloud. Doing a big backup, then reinstalling Snow Leopard on my 5 year old laptop. I'm so excited.


    My wife got a MacBook Air 13 inch. The new hardware but the old design, from when Steve was around. We looked at a Retina MBP but we found that the ones with an LG screen have ghosting problems. Apple know about it, there is a discussion here with 350k views, but they are still selling them. No product recall. We also saw how with complex websites like Facebook the CPU can't keep up with the retina screen demands, making the screen jerk slightly. So we decided that the non-Steve-Jobs Retina MBP had been rushed to market unfinished and untested. Like so many recent Apple products. I will also get an Air soon as a second work computer. I think it will be known as the last of a classic.


    I also found out that the Apple store here will sell iPad 2's without the iOS6 update. I might get one more as I think it will be a collectors item in a few years time, still running Google Maps. The last truly Steve Jobs inspired product.

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    Following your lead, I looked deep into my heart and I finally accepted the truth I didn't want to confront. That Yvan Koenig was right. The only way to turn off Versions and revive Save-As on Lion is to stop using Lion. I have gone back to Snow Leopard. I am SO MUCH HAPPIER NOW! Far more than I realized.


    There were so many little things in Lion that were annoying me that I had subconsciously forgotten about. Now they are gone, everything just works again, it is fast, logical, sane. No crazy iCloud trying to put everything I do on the cloud without asking me. No iPhotos photostream making double copies of everything I do. No insane mail system with its crazy "see more" button on every reply email, so I can't read what I said without pressing it. No crazy leather and torn pages in the Address Book and iCal. A sane normal intelligent operating system.


    The only thing I personally didn't like was that the scrolling was the "normal" way, and I have become used to the "natural" way that the iPad and Lion does it. One little app called Scoll Reverser and that was fixed.


    Here are some screen shots, to remind others of what life used to be like, and has become again.


    Such a simple solution. Stick to all things Steve-Jobs Apple.


    Thanks Yvan.




    Screen shot 2012-10-07 at 8.17.52 PM.png


    Screen shot 2012-10-07 at 8.34.53 PM.png


    Screen shot 2012-10-07 at 8.27.16 PM.png

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    That's great Steve. As I said, my MacMini and black macbook (now my daughter's macbook) are both back on SL. The black macbook allowed me to install Lion but not M. Lion, - strange! As Lion is the worst of the three it absolutely had to be changed back to SL.


    However, my main machine is the retina MBP on Mountain Lion, so I have to live with the few things I don't like.


    As a matter of interest, did you get as far as trying Mountain Lion or did you only try Lion. The "option button save as" is quite usefull, so my two main complaints are autosave and Mail. I hate the leather and torn pages too but that does not prevent me from using them. They are just ridiculously childish thats all! Not only are the new decision makers at Apple obsessed with re-inventing the wheel, they also have no taste.


    Unfortunately I have the LG screen, but I can't say I have noticed any problems yet. Neither have I experienced the "creaking" that everybody talks about.

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    This is blowing my mind. We got a MacBook Air. We had 10.8.2 installed. We downloaded Numbers and Pages from the Apps store. And guess what? No Versions, no Duplicate and no Save-As. No using the option key to get Save-As. No versions arrow. And... Numbers makes an autosave document in the same folder as the original document, with a ~ after the name. This remains in the folder as a separate document. Then it also makes an autosave document with (autosave) after the name, but that disappears on closing the file. What is this madness? I just don't understand?!

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    There are some Mountain Lion Tweeks programs that you can download that let you get rid of the leather on iCal and Address Book. They also give some other options.

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    Numbers makes an autosave document in the same folder as the original document, with a ~ after the name. This remains in the folder as a separate document. Then it also makes an autosave document with (autosave) after the name, but that disappears on closing the file. What is this madness? I just don't understand?!

    Sounds like the same thing Adobe's InDesign does. It will create a temp file like that in the same folder of the actual document, but doesn't hide it. Basically, it's a scratch file you shouldn't see.

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    Sure I figured that, but where is Versions, Save-As and Duplicate? I have no Save-As with or without the Option key pressed, no duplicate, and no arrow next to the file name that brings up the versions window. I looked in Time Machine and the Versions options were not there. So I now have a non Versions Mountain Lion computer. What happened? Did they just ditch it and not tell anyone? Am I going crazy? I have checked in Text Edit and there are no Versions there.

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    probably you set the ApplePersistence flag to OFF. Autosave/Versions are disabled but Saev As... is lost.

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    stefano67 is likely correct. I played around with a test install of Mountain Lion to see what using those hidden flags would do. In basically all cases, they cause more problems than they solve, especially if you use the global one.

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