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Quick History: I have a 2008 Macbook Pro, a 2011 Macbook Air and now I've got the brand new, 2012 15" Retina Display MBP... meaning I've used each of the three types of Magsafe Connectors for extended periods of time.


Problem: After a week or so of use, I've noticed that the newly re-designed Magsafe connection on the MBP Retina seems to unattach itself ALL THE TIME.  I'm talking about 3-4 times per session when I'm sitting on the sofa or sitting in a chair.  The slightest tension of the cord pulls the connection out of alignment or rips the magsafe completely out.  Also, it seems to be more difficult to re-attach, i.e. I can't just grab it and fumble it along the corner edge of the laptop to have it magically re-attach itself.  I frequently have to look at the connection to get it to line up perfectly and re-attach.


From an engineering perspective it's easy to see why as it's thinner and longer, meaning it takes greater precision/accuracy to lock it in place, and the angle of incident for a disconnect is easier to breach.  To be perfectly honest, I don't see an engineering advantage to this new change... just complete devastation when it comes to use.


In summary, I'm wholly displeased with the new Magsafe connection and feel as though it's a HUGE step back in the evolution of it's design.  I truly don't see an upside to this new design, which honestly baffles me.  It's almost as if they forgot to test the function of this new connection and included it haphazardly (which I know isn't true, it just seems that way).


Anyone else feeling my pain?

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    I would suspect they designed it to disconnect easily to prevent your computer from taking a fall, were someone to trip over the cord. Unfortunately, the new design makes this hard to use on a lap, due to the cord meeting the computer at a right angle. I wish it connected on back.

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    Are you sure you are using the new and incompatible MagSafe-2 adapter with the new MacBook? The old MagSafe will almost work, but will not be satisfactory.


    The magnet is in the computer, so if you are having a problem, I suggest you take the lot to the Genius Bar and have them fiddle with it. Maybe the magnet in your MacBook is defective.

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    It's the new magsafe adapter, don't worry about that.  Don't get me wrong, it's a perfect fit... it's just very prone to disconnecting at the slightest tension on the cord.  Much more prone than the previous cords.  It's perfectly magnetized and functions great so long as it's dangling safely.  It's just a pain when, for example, I pick the computer up to move it from the coffee table to my lap, that just that little bit of movement can sometimes take the cord out of alignment.


    Annoying to have to start checking for the light to be on nonstop as I've already had a few times when I notice I'm at 50% battery because the cord is connected, but not quite flush.

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    Disconnecting more easily would be great if there had been a problem with the previous models staying too well attached... but I never experienced that.  v1.0 was fine, and v2.0 was even better.  Anytime someone tripped on a cord or I yanked too hard, the magsafe connection would still rip out as designed.  This new design is just too sensitive... I mean, if I move my laptop around on a desk, the cord can come out of alignment just from tension of the cord against the side of the desk.  Just an unacceptably high rate of connection failure in my experience

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    My son suggests that the T-shaped original MagSafe was a good design, and released well when tripped over. But it was a little fat to pack all the ports tightly together. His eventually failed and the only one available was the newer L-shape.


    He claims the L-shaped adapter changed the wire orientation so much that they completely defeated the "Safe" part of the MagSafe, and you were then able to launch your MacBook into the air by tripping on the non-releasing L-shaped Magsafe[sic] cord.


    So I expect they have [Finally!] done their Engineering homework on the MagSafe-2 cords, and there are dozen or more Apple testers still staggering about the complex with red wire marks on their shins, left over from getting the new magnet "just right".

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    Agreed, I think the original one was great.  And it was actually thinner (length-wise) than this new MagSafe-2 as well...

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    I just bought a MBA yesterday and am already frustrated with the magsafe connection issue.  It's hugely inconvenient that I can't move it w/o it disconnecting.  If it brushes up against anything it disconnects.  I understand that the point is to disconnect when there's tension, but it is hypersensitive.  I realize there's no fix for the issue, which *****.  Annoying.

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    cperdue wrote:


    Disconnecting more easily would be great if there had been a problem with the previous models staying too well attached... but I never experienced that.


    Actually there have been assorted complaints over time of just that - people who tripped over their power cord and watched their MBP or MB crash to the floor, wondering why it happened when MagSafe connectors were designed to prevent that from occurring.

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    I've seen that happen myself - but in any business you have to ask yourself whether you'll design your product to cater to the lowest common denominator, or to a use value which you think is optimized for your consumer.  Having the magsafe disconnect unexpectedly during every use session with the computer is unacceptable in my book.  It ruins the experience for your entire consumer base while saving the experience for the incredibly small percent who may have had an accident.  It's just my opinion, but there's nothing I hate more than seeing something functionally ruined so it can solve a niche problem and cater to a lowest common denominator.

  • William Kucharski Level 6 Level 6 (14,890 points)

    Yes but catering to the lowest common denominator has always been Apple's computing niche - think single-button mice.

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    I agree. I also feel that the T style connector is a step back from the barrel style. I loved the barrel style because it vectored the cords to the rear instead of straight out at 90 degrees which is a PITA.  The barrel style also IMHOP looks much sleeker then the chicklet T style look.

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    i am having this very same issue. the problem is the design of the new connector is too long...meaning it takes very little force moving it up or down to dislodge the connector due to the gained leverage with the longer length (and thinner connector itself). its still very strong when pulled side to side, but top to bottom it is incredibly weak. it is so frustrating to try and use this on your lap. the sad part is that it will probably become the new standard, unless enough people complain about it (which i'm sure they will). heres to hoping apple somehow puts out a recall.

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    Perhaps this is an issue Apple silently fixed.


    My new MBPro 15" MagSafe connector is very solid and cannot be easily removed in any direction.  Twice a Mac laptop with this newer MagSafe has been accidentally pulled to the floor because of the strong magnetic attachment, and the fact that it aims the cord .directly posterior in the line of pull.


    The old style which projected the wire laterally was far more likely to disconnect and not drag the laptop off the table if and when a person inadvertently trips/pulls on the cord.  See here


    This new MagSafe style is difficult for me to remove because of the small head size and the strong magnet.  I've learned to grab the head at the cord connection and pull it laterally from the computer.   Strongly prefer the old style.  Furthermore, this new MS adapter may be the cause of an electrostatic sensation over the entire case. See here:

  • MacPcConsultant Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    EDIT:  My model is NOT the Retina display.  It is the High Def 15" MBP.

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