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  • t.kuerrev Level 1 Level 1

    @Maddog: you are very right!

    I would not exclude, that of the keyboard didn't work they would ignore it too. Apple employees seem to be ignorants anyway (Sorry guys.. in private you may be nice persons!).

    Unfortunatedly, a switch to microsoft would include a large amount of changeover. Thats what keeps me stick on apple. But if they make me crazy a longer time, I WILL make the changeover.

    In this sense, I am very curious in what direction LOGIC PRO will develop. Are they willing to support professionals in a professional way? Or is their interest more to support the largest number of amateur users as possible to sell as many copies of the software as possible? I fear, the latter is the case. If I get signs that this is their way, I will leave the boat and switch to PROTOOLS completely. Although their support is nothing better than Apple's. But the products are better trimmed for professional use.


    And by the way: the USBOverdrive solution works here. But I have to keep it installed. When I unsinstall, there is the same behavior (not right click) as before. So I keep it. It is strange, that with using USBOverdrive I can't switch off my MAC any more pressing Ctrl-Alt-CMD-EjectCD. ???

  • Dfhughes Level 1 Level 1



    Just upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion 10.7.5 and am having the same problems with the USB Mighty Mouse. My Mac Pro is 2007 so Mountain Lion is not a possibility. Searched these forums and cannot find a fix so I also reported a bug to Apple. I am also going to try the complimentary support I received when I purchased Lion and see if that yields any results.


    I had no problems with the mouse buttons using Snow Leopard.

  • t.kuerrev Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Dfhughes,

    did you see in the thread the solution via USB Overdrive? Just in case....

  • MadDogZ06 Level 1 Level 1



    Did you intend to paste a link to the thread with the solution.  There was no link.  I have tried every "solution" that has been posted so far and none of them return my right-click magic mouse functionality.



  • Dfhughes Level 1 Level 1

    Hello t.kuerrev


    I seen the thread on the USB overdrive but it appeared it caused some other issues. I think I will wait and see what my call to Apple Support result in. Nothing tried worked and I really don't want to do a reinstall as it does not seemed to have helped other people with the same issue.


    Thanks for the reply,



  • t.kuerrev Level 1 Level 1

    Look here:  It's Shareware, but you can download it for free and check out, if it works for you. I did so, and I am satisfied with it.

  • rchealey Level 1 Level 1

    We'd be very interested to hear what the official support people have to say... do post back if they get back to you.

    Dfhughes wrote:


    I am also going to try the complimentary support I received when I purchased Lion and see if that yields any results.


  • nel134 Level 1 Level 1

    Trying to upgrade ten 2007 Mac Pros. Same issues with mouse. I have a laptop that I upgraded from 10.6.8 to 10.7.3, then 7.4 and 7.5. Mouse works just fine. If I could only find tha original 10.7.3 download! Going to to try finding  10.7.3 on Apple Developer site.

  • nel134 Level 1 Level 1

    Anyone able to find 10.7.3 for download?

  • MadDogZ06 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I second what rchealey says.  I've heard lots of people say they reported it to Apple.  What is Apple saying about this?  Any responses?  Are they just ignorning it completely or are they committing to fix it?  So far it looks like they are ignoring the fact they killed their own mice.

  • Dfhughes Level 1 Level 1



    Apple support did get back to me today, actually I had to call them as they missed the call time. What they wanted to know is what mouse is working on my MacPro and the version of the hardware. I told them my Wacom Intuous 3 tablet has both a mouse and a pen with programmable buttons and both the mouse and pen will right click when programmed as such.


    They also wanted to know what other Mac I tried the mighty mouse on. It works fine and is programmable on a Macbook Air running Lion 7.4


    I mentioned a few of the posts I have seen here, especially the one where the upgrade path to 7.5 worked until reverting back to Snow Leopard then upgrading again to Lion 7.5 and now the mouse no longer works.


    I also pointed out the it appears to me that the 7.5 version on the App store is either possibly corrupt or missing a file and/or a driver.


    The rep indicated to me that they want me to try a clean install, my reponse was what I was seeing on the discussion forum was that the clean install was not working when other people had tried it.


    The rep took the information and said she would get back to the engineering dept.


    Yesterday she replied to me within a few hours of our initial discussion, so far no response today.


    That's it, I wish I had a solution.


    I would suggest if you recently purchased Lion and have the mouse issue you would have the same complimentary support and perhaps a flood of phone calls to Apple will let them know they do have an issue.



  • Joe Zollner Level 1 Level 1

    I used the following link to report the bug to Apple:



    However, as it states at the top of the page:  "Use the form below to send us your comments. We read all feedback carefully, but please note that we cannot respond to the comments you submit."  So no response from Apple is expected.


    My guess is there will be a fix in 10.7.6.  But exactly when that happens is anyone's guess.


    I would love to go back to 10.7.4, but I can't since I purchased 10.7.5 from the App Store.  Yes, this means I also have complimentary support for about 60 more days, but I'm not sure what a support person could do if this is indeed a bug (and I don't see any evidence that it isn't a bug).


    So, if Dfhughes contacts Apple Support about the problem, I would also be interested in knowing the outcome.

  • Dfhughes Level 1 Level 1

    Hello Joe,


    Read the reply above your post, that is what transpired today with Apple Support.



  • Joe Zollner Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the update, Dave.


    I suppose it's possible another "10.7.5 Supplemental Update" could be issued (rather than a full update to 10.7.6).


    Maybe I'll give Apple another week and contact support if an update isn't issued by then.  It would be great if we at least had an acknowledgement from Apple that this has been identified as a bug!

  • Lone Wolf Post Level 1 Level 1

    This is absurd and infuriating. Anyone know how you can get a 10.7.4 installer? So is Apple just giving no ETA for a fix and not acknowledging the bug?


    I'm sure if this were an iPad Mini issue they'd be all over it. Maybe if I had just paid $329 for a tablet instead of $5000 for a MAC PRO, things would be working. Ugh...

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