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  • LordRayden Level 1 Level 1

    I got exactly the same problem. My iPhone 5 got full Wlan signal in the status bar but the downstream is extremly slow. No connection interrupts mentioned by others. Other iOS devices with iOS 6.0.1 work fine in my network. In other Wlan networks my iPhone 5 seems to have the same issue. I tried every solution associated with software. WPS is no solution either, it's always turned off for me. Imo it's a problem with the Wlan module or the Wlan antenna.

    Most recently I sent my iPhone 5 back to apple for repair. We'll see what they come up with.

  • _jh_ Level 1 Level 1

    Figure this one out:


    Similar problem to eveyone else, here are the facts.


    iPhone 5 on home wifi: 0.5 mbps consistently

    iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad 3, MacBook Pro 2008 and MacBook Pro 2011 on home wifi : 15 mbps consistently

    Same iPhone 5 at school: decent connection, between 3 and 7 mbps download


    Called into apple this morning to get help via my skype line on my iPhone 5 because I have bad cellular in my apartment (on home wifi network). While on skype with apple, I tested my download speed...


    30 mbps!


    So, suprised as anyone can be, I deceided to hold off on exchanging the phone. Once disconnected with apple and off of skype, my download speeds returned to 0.5 mbps. I ran several tests comparing the speeds obtained when making a call using skype and not. I obtained reproducable results showing (using two seperate independant speed tests: speedtest app and that when I am making a skype call, my wifi downloading improves dramatically.


    PS. Prior to calling apple I had:

         Reset my wifi

         Restored my iPhone from factory as a new phone

         Reset network settings

         Unsecured my wifi network

         Making a completely new network with my airport express instead of my cisco router

         Switching to Auto HTTP proxy in settings


         The only thing that has shown any consistent and long lasting improvement is using Skype.


    PPS. The second time I called apple (currently on hold for another advisor) the advisor fell asleep for 3 minutesand thought I was the person from her last phone call. I told her to get a glass of water or a coffee and that she may transfer me to another rep. Not sure what happened to apple, but I'm pretty disappointed with some of their products and services lately.

  • BigHarmony Level 1 Level 1

    I have exactly, exactly the same problem as iSmoke3 described.  My Black iPhone 5 64GB connects to WiFi just fine at home (using Apple Extreme Base Station - 4th gen) with WPA2 encryption but despite showing full WiFi bars on my iPhone 5, the speed drops to less than 1Mbps.  At this point I am only able to stream about 30-60 seconds of video (then it starts buffering and stalls), stop receiving emails, iMessage stops working, etc) until I reboot my phone.  At the same time all other devices at home (iPad, MacBook Air, 2 MacBook Pro, wife's iPhone 4S) never show this problem and download at +30Mbps without skipping a beat.


    I have done absolutely everything mentioned in the 144 pages in this thread to try to fix my iPhone 5 (i.e. Reset network settings, reset router, wipe phone and setup as new phone, list goes on and on) but the problem is still there.  I hoped version 6.0.1 would have fixed this but it did not.


    I have not changed my phone because its clearly still happening to folks who have changed their phones several times.  This seems like its either a software problem or firmware  issue with the new chipset since I hear the new iPad minis are also plagued by the same issue.  I am seriously hoping Apple will fix via software update or some sort of firmware update, but this cannot continue and my patience is running out.


    APPLE PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THE PROBLEM OR DO SOMETHING!! - This is not the Apple I fell in love with years ago.

  • applebody Level 1 Level 1

    I've got through a couple replacement phones myself (the second one had a chip on it I didn't notice until I walked out the store). It seems there are many different wifi-related issues going on here, but for those that are getting poor performance (sub 1mbps) like BigHarmony, I have found a possible solution for you: switch to a 5Ghz connection. If you have an AirPort Extreme you can broadcast a separate wifi signal for 5Ghz and once you connect through that, speed is super fast.


    I'm back to getting 35mbps+ when going over 5Ghz. The only problem is that range is limited - fortunately my house is wired for cat5e and I happened to have two Airport Extremes that I could put on opposite ends of the house.


    Good luck!

  • BigHarmony Level 1 Level 1

    Applebody - I would agree with your findings.  I do have 5Ghz enabled but the problem as we you well state is that 5Ghz has very poor range.  Unfortunately my home is not currently wired and cost prohibitive to do so.  Regardless of this "work around" one can't expect to have 5Ghz networks enabled everywhere you go.  Apple needs to acknowledge there is a problem and either fix the problem, or issue a recall for phones with defective radios/chipsets.


    At this very point I am not sure there are any fixes the user (us) can do but to wait, hope, and cross our fingers for Apple to release some sort of fix in the near future.  I hope this is is sooner rather than later because there is only so much more I can wait before I switch to a Samsung phone (I hate to say that but its true).  I can't afford not being on top of email for work when I am home, and so far its proven to be unreliable.

  • ZenErik Level 1 Level 1

    I'm still having WiFi issues too. Sometimes it seems like it'll work fine for a whole day or two. Sometimes only a few hours. And then it does the whole thing where it stays connected but just hangs most of the time. I've run several SpeedTest's in a row, and it will hang at "looking for server", "ping", "down speed", or "up speed". So the connection just drops out and comes back every 15 sec or so. A reboot fixes this issue temporarily.

  • Ycres Level 1 Level 1

    HELP!! my wifi its been acting weird from last night, i have to turn off and on all the time to make it work.. but only last for 10 min and happend again. i thought its my wifi problem but i use my husband phone (samsung note) it worked so well and dont have any problem.. and now at work it happend again and ugh!!! so annoying if i have to reboot everytime i wanna use it!!!! PLEASE help me APPLE STORE

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1

    Interesting indeed. Sounds like a QOS issue. Perhaps your router is set for VoIP priority /QOS or something along those lines so when on a Skype call your device is getting all the "attention"?

  • BigHarmony Level 1 Level 1

    ZenErik - thats exactly what happens when I notice the issue comes back.  It shows I am connected but when I run a speedtest it hangs at "looking for server" (all other devices at the house don't have a problem while my iPhone 5 does).  In the cases it does find a server, downlink speeds are abysmal (less than 0.5 Mpbs) but interestingly enough upload speeds are in the +10 Mbps range.  As you mention, powering off the iPhone and rebooting seems to fix it temporarily. Sometimes the reboot temporarily fixes it for a day or two, while sometimes its good for only a couple of hours.  Sticking with a 5Ghz network like "applebody" mentinoed seems to somewhat improve the situation but it still happens to me randomly and I don't have good coverage with my 5Ghz network. 

  • JT122333 Level 1 Level 1

    You can't use can't find server with speedtest as a symptom though as I don't have the wifi issue and still have that issue because some servers are down. Couple this with the fact that not all the servers even support the speeds we can run at and you just complicate an already complicated issue.

  • ZenErik Level 1 Level 1

    Funny. Because after I reboot the SpeedTests will work perfectly ALL DAY. And then the next day they'll go back to constantly hanging. We can most certainly use SpeedTest issues as a symptom.

  • BigHarmony Level 1 Level 1

    Absolutely ZenErik - you are 100% correct.


    JT122333 - just to be clear, "Can't find Server" is not the only symptom, I first notice the issue by not being able to browse the web, not receiving email, unable to send iMessage, Youtube not working, unable to update or download apps AND when trying to run a speedtest it says it can't find server.  Which would make sense becaue the device in that particular moment cannot find anything online.  It would appear to be almost as if it were a DNS issue since its still connected to WiFi. 


    Also keep in mind that at the exact moment when the iPhone 5 is experiencing the issue, I can grab another iPhone side by side, run the test and has no problems finding servers and/or pulling data down at the +20Mpbs speed (I have FIOS at home and have reached 40Mpbs with iPhone5 after reboots). 


    As ZenErik quickly mentioned, rebooting the phone solves the issue immediately and I am able to browse and connect to all online services (inlcuding speedtest) as it should.

  • JT122333 Level 1 Level 1

    Not by itself, unless you want to appear ignorant, or you think the specific servers never go down. If you have other issues at same time then sure but server not found by itself could have nothing to do with the issue.


    Funny that I don't have your issues but still get server timeouts occasionally while all other network stuff is working fine.

  • ZenErik Level 1 Level 1

    Far from ignorant. I only check SpeedTest when I notice the WiFi hanging. E-mail stops. Websites stop responding or take an extremely long time to respond. Happens nearly every morning or afternoon at work.


    I'm glad you do not have the issue. Gives me hope that maybe I swap would fix it. But others have gone through numerous swaps and issues persist.. Which makes me a bit weary. What to do!


    Luckily the iPhone 5 reboots so quickly that it's hardly a bother.

  • BigHarmony Level 1 Level 1

    Ditto - what ZenErik said!!