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  • Martijn1978 Level 1 Level 1

    I was able to solve my issues with the network reset functionality. Works perfectly again now.

  • F.M.H. van Zuiden Level 1 Level 1

    I got my iPhone 5 yesterday. Seemed to do well when it was connected to my iMac to set it up. However, when using wifi the darn thing, which costed me plenty, is slower then my iPhone 4, which was quite fast.


    I can connect to my Wifi via my iMac and I do get data, but it's sooooo slow my grandmother could do better by booking a flight and drive to google, talk to a certain lady to get paper printouts of my search, fly back to my country and hand the paper to me. And no, it's not a browser thing. Even my trusted social apps like twitter, facebook, badoo, find friends are extremely slow or non functional.


    I went to the store of my provider, and they were quite friendly I have to say, but no cigar. They will take my iPhone back and I will get my money back and/or replace the iPhone with a Samsung, but hey... I'm an apple fan. Every device I own is bought with my hard earned cash and is, of course, apple. I want my iPhone 5 working better then my type 4, not worse. I want my iPhone 5 to actually work with my iMac and iPad. I am not sure after reading all your posts and observing the lack of a response from apple...


    Please Apple, try to fix our problems!

  • Teito Level 1 Level 1

    These user support forums are user-to-user in nature.  To get Apple's attention, you will usually need to provide feedback at about your iPhone.  If you have not done so yet, go there and tell Apple what you think.

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    Hola, tengo un

  • gabypolicart Level 1 Level 1

    Hola Tengo un Iphone 5 hace 3 semanas, lo cambie por un 4s, el problema es el siguiente

    WIFI anda cuando quiere, por momentos muy lento, por momentos se queda tildado WIFI, esto pasaba en un 4s nuevo comprado en Apple store NY, lo cambie a las 2 semanas por un Iphone 5, El mismo problema, WIFI inconsistente, muy baja señal, comparado con ipods y Iphone 3gs en el mismo lugar.
    Probe todo lo que habia que probar, cambios de WPA, cambios en el router, y nada.

    Lo unico que me queda pensar es que al sintonizar el Iphoen en Itunes a pesar de que lo configuro como nuevo Iphone hay un Bug a un archivo defectuoso que se pasa al sincronizar, por mas que cambie otro Iphone va a pasar de nuevo


    Problemas de antena, problemas de señal, slow wifi

    Al restart network el problema se soluciona, pero solo por pocos minutos o dias, es aleatorio

    A veces sucede a veces No

  • ibnfarooq Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you! This fixed it for me.

  • gabypolicart Level 1 Level 1

    Many  problems with wifi, is not stable, some times very slow, some times the signal very poor

    I dont know more what to do

    Before this IPhone 5 I HAD a IPhone 4S New with the same problem, do You think its a bug? Thats its going on when I sincronize the Iphones??

    Please I need a help

    I prove all the alternatives (restart, change modem, etc etc)

    I wait for an answer

    I use the IPhone in many places And the wifi its very inconsistent, some times very very slow, with another Iphones in the same place they Work well

  • Gloubiboulga Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I just chime in to mention this: I received my new iPhone 5 (64GB) today, and experienced Wifi problems similar to some of those menioned here: weak signal, decreasing quickly, and sluggish performance anyway (compared to my 4s). I reset the network settings, and restored as a new phone, without sucess. Then... I removed the protection I bought with the phone and... performance in par with my 4s! When I put on the protection (brand Puro) again, Wifi drops again. So I would say, one should test protections before buying them, some early manufacturers obviously did not test their effect on Wifi and cellular performance...

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    So is it just me or do mp4 not want to stream through wifi on the iPhone 5? It works on my iPad and such but will not work when my iPhone 5 is connected to wifi. Everything else works fine. But even the "downloader" app on the App Store won't download mp4 files from websites at a decent speed (34kbps) and I have 30megs of downstream. Note this all works fine on my iPad and this is my second iPhone 5.


    Any ideas?


    It also works fine in an apple store but not 3 other routers I've chosen.

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    I haven't been following the thread lately.  I got tired of dealing with those complete morons at Apple.  Especially their responses about how people on this forum are all lying.  It may be that the Apple Store / Phone store techs are okay... but those idiots I have to deal with on the phone when you buy from Apple are NOT.


    They played along like they were putting my case through to the 3rd tier and then the case just vanished eventually.  The tech stopped responding, I've received no e-mails about it, and I didn't get one of those follow-up surveys.  I'm guessing because they didn't want to get their deserved BAD rating the closed the case silently..


    Since the update to the original firmware I've noticed three things.


    (1) It still cannot connect to my Netgear in any mode when every other Apple & non-Apple device I have connects perfect.

    (2) Now I can't tell if I'm using Wi-Fi or not.  It keeps the 4G indicator on most of the time even on Wi-Fi.  I did NOT want to use a less-secure open AP and I thought I was on the phone's network but found out it had connected to WiFi instead... but the only way to tell is go to settings and look since it usually says 4G instead of the WiFi bars.

    (3)  They didn't fix that keyboard flicker bug... or if they fixed it in the App store or wherever it was I still get it in at least one app.


    So anyway... I never got my phone replaced as they were fighting tooth-and-nail to claim it's not a real problem and I can't trust the posts on this forum.  The updates didn't fix jack and they even made it worse since I can't tell if I'm on WiFi or 4G most of the time, and as a workaround I'm running a 2nd WiFi router in the house (a Linksys) that only my Apple TV and iPhone5 connect to.



  • Shocker91 Level 1 Level 1

    Just got my 3rd iPhone replacement, and it works flawlessly with the wifi now! But.. my router was reset coincidentally, so I'm not sure if it's the problem with iPhone 5 or my router...

  • Fadie Level 1 Level 1



    What do you mean by "protection that you bought for the phone"?

  • Fadie Level 1 Level 1

    Oh physical protection to the phone. Hmm if this really is interfering with the signal there is a huge physical design flaw in this phone.  I hope this is not true.

  • RussBird Level 1 Level 1

    Im having wi-fi issues on my brand new iPhone 5 too.


    Anyone help me with my issues? Link here -


    Thanks in advance

  • erectorset Level 1 Level 1

    I've had the exact same issues you are describing. My iPhone 5 will not connect to my home router. Period. Unfortunately, I am on my first replacement (second phone), and about to do another. I have had the same problem with both phones. My old 3GS and 4 connect with no problems whatsoever.


    I am in an apartment building that supplies commercial internet to the complex. This is in the lease, and I pay for it through rent. As such, I don't have control over the router. I would gladly replace the router if I could (although I shouldn't have to), but I don't have that choice. I'm going throught the motions with Apple support over this, and they are blaming the router.


    For me, I really don't care if it is the router or phone. That's not my argument. I just need the problem fixed. I absolultely cannot have a smartphone that will not connect to my home internet. That is unacceptable. I love the phone and would prefer to stick with it, but this is an issue I am beginning to suspect can't be fixed. If that is the case, I need Apple to do the right thing and refund the phone so that I can go another route. My only other choices would be to purchase internet on top of the internet I am already paying for, or move. I am afraid of the nightmare that awaits. I am wondering how I would deal with this as I know I would need AT&T to allow me to repurchase a new, subsidized phone...I'm feeling screwed right now...