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Question: Password field automatically populating when I try to login


I'm using an iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2013) wireless keyboard. I am running Mac OS High Sierra Version 10.13.3. More often than not, when attempting to login after sleep mode, my login field automatically populates and when I try to back out the auto fill, it just keeps refilling. Luckily, I have a standard Mac keyboard I plug in when this happens. Lately, it has been happening more and more often. I found another thread going back a couple of years with a post as recent as 12/2017, but it would not allow me to comment on that thread, instead it instructed me to ask a new question. The thread: Re: password field automatically filling with little dots, and other problems ever since installing El Capitan

Thus far, I have yet to see a viable solution to what is obviously plaguing more users than just myself. If anyone from Apple can take a moment to respond, I have no doubt, we would all appreciate it.

I have already done the following:

  • Replaced the batteries.
  • Cleaned the keyboard.
  • Rebooted the system.
  • Turned the keyboard off and back on.
  • Disconnected the keyboard through preferences, and reconnected it.
  • I have yet to slam the keyboard on my desk, but that step is coming…

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Feb 25, 2018 5:05 PM in response to Kelly Ann J In response to Kelly Ann J

When replacing your batteries with new ones and did you clean your ➕ and ➖ where you insert the new batteries into the battery slots and use a soft rag to rid of battery residue first. If not then your new batteries won't have a good contact because eventually battery residue builds up every time you replaced it with new ones. In the past I used Apple rechargable battery and charged it 100% for a full charge and I use my battery tester and after a full 100% charge it had only 1% charge left in the battery so I took it back to Apple and Apple gave me another set of rechargeable AA batteries the same thing happen again. I took it back and got myself a refund. I've been using AA batteries for everything and the best brand is Duracell guaranteed for 10 years. I used a lot of different batteries and I use a battery tester to see how much charge is left in the batteries when testing it or do I need to buy more batteries. The battery tester can test batteries for instance button cell 1.5V 1mA, AAA, Photo 6V and so on and it is a good tool to have if you use a lot of different types of batteries like I do.

Feb 25, 2018 5:05 PM

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Question: Password field automatically populating when I try to login