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Question: Anyone else get the “congratulation” pop-ups in Safari?

While using Safari, I get the “congratulations” pop ups on any site that doesn’t have a padlock. No matter what. In settings, I have pop ups blocked and I have fraudulent site warning on. I have forced stopped Safari, deleted cookies, data and history. I even blocked all cookies just to see if it would work. I’ve done everything I can do from my phone...I even turned on private browsing and this ad/pop-up still pops up within 5 seconds on any site that doesn’t have a padlock next to its name. In this example, I was using dictionary.com and it popped up. Before that, I was on thesaurus.com. Is this normal for Safari? I have never had this problem in the past. Only recently. I have iPhone 7 and the latest iOS as of 2/26/18. And every time I update, the “congratulation” pop ups get worse....what is going on with this? I am super careful and I don’t click on ads or anything unusual looking. Last night, I became so frustrated with Safari that I disabled it in the restrictions setting and downloaded the Aloha browser with VPN. And I have had NO ISSUES. I even visited those two sites I mentioned above just to see if that pop up would come up and it didn’t. So I restarted my phone, turned Safari back on, went back to those websites (and a few more than don’t have a padlock) and every time, that pop-up came back. So it’s just a Safari thing I’m guessing? And now I am forced to say goodbye to Safari but has anyone else had this issue and should I be concerned? I am an amazon user and I would hate to think that they could access my info from Safari somehow if I accidentally click any button on this pop up....or worse, gain access to the data on my phone and get my bank info or something.

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Question: Anyone else get the “congratulation” pop-ups in Safari?