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Question: Argo app keeps downloading onto my phone!

For about a week I kept continuously trying to delete this mysterious "Argo" app that appeared out of nowhere. I tried deleting it but it always came back, restarting my phone, holding down the app to see if I could cancel the download with only the option to share the app. Nothing was working -_-

I think I may have figured it out because I was having the same issue and it was really driving me nuts! For my case after speaking with about 6 different Apple support advisors I spoke with an Senior advisor that walked me through some steps I wasn't doing before and even still he didn't find an answer to my problem but because of him I think I solved this headache of an issue.

What I did was go to my settings and iPhone storage to view a list of my applications. I saw "Argo" on that list and when I clicked it said the developer company was Netflix, Inc. I think Argo was the name of the company before Netflix. Anyways, what I ended up doing was re-downloading Netflix and once I did that I saw that the "Argo" app said "waiting" as if it were trying to download. Once the download was complete I no longer saw "Argo" it had become Netflix. I then went back to my iPhone storage settings and deleted Netflix from there and now there is no record of Netflix OR Argo, finally! I also restarted my phone by holding the power and middle button to make sure it wouldn't pop back up and it didn't.

I hope this was helpful, good luck! 🙂

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Question: Argo app keeps downloading onto my phone!