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Question: iPad Pro screen not smooth (feels rough)

For some reason, there is a friction between the iPad pencil and certain parts of the screen, I think most of the new iPad pros have the same problem but most people can't feel it because if you haven't used other tablets with pencil before you may think it's normal. we have another iPad and it's working extremely smooth.

Here is what another iPad owner said:

"I have returned 4 of the 256 GB iPad 10.5 Pros with the same issue. The latest one I tried today, Space Gray (I have tried other colors) upon getting my data transferred over, the Set Up Specialist sent me directly to the Genius Bar as this makes #4 with the same problem. For some reason, there is a roughness, friction, between the iPad pencil and certain parts of the screen. (Each iPad had different affected areas, but the top part of the screen felt best. Problems were usually near the middle of the screen going down to the Home button and on the edges.) As it is right out the box, clean as a whistle, this should not be happening. The Set-Up Specialist tried different apps to see if the problem was maybe with a specific app. Same issue. The Apple Genius diagnosed it as maybe being something about the magnets in the pencil or screen on the 256 GB. Others have said maybe it is due to a bad batch with an uneven oleophobic coating, although I have tried two different stores in the past month. I have read other forums outside of Apple with users experiencing the same issue. Is this a manufacturing defect? I have used my Apple pencil on my wife's 9.7 iPad Pro and the experience is buttery smooth, fingerprints and all. The Genius asked me to try the 64 GB iPad Pro, which I will do, but there is something not quite right and I wish Apple would respond. I don't have the time to keep trying different iPads. Anyone have any suggestions? Fingerprints, fastidious cleaning, the Apple pencil, I do not believe those are the reasons for the friction, and it is definitely not normal. I will not get used to it. Something is not quite right. For the amount I paid for the iPad Pro, I am not obsessing about it. I just might have to return it and try a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Source: Apple Pencil feels rough when writing on screen

I have the exact issue with my second iPad pro, it's funny because when I went to Apple store they bring another iPad to compare and their iPad had this issue too.

Apple should recall all iPads with this issue to fix this problem.

iPad Pro Wi-Fi, iOS 11.2.6

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Question: iPad Pro screen not smooth (feels rough)