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Question: Logic Isn't Scanning My Waves Plugins!

Need help!

So I've got a new Mac OS with High Sierra and reinstalled my Logic Pro X 10.2.4. I've tried to re-install and reactivate my waves plugins in Waves Central and uninstalling them and repeating this process but Logic fails to scan every time I do. I've done the Reg Utility in the Waves app and it's fine. I've tried the Plugin Manager but they don't show up in the tab. I've tried deleting the Audio cache, taking out the Waves component and re-running Logic and then replacing it, but to avail. Logic still fails to recognise my Waves Plugins. Also, Logic has had no problem re-installing and reactivating my other purchased plugins, but for some reason Waves isn't recognised but it was fine when I installed them onto my older laptop, which was a Mac OS with Maverick. Any more ideas on how to get logic to recognise my plugins?

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Logic Pro X, iOS 10.2

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Question: Logic Isn't Scanning My Waves Plugins!