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Question: HomePod with Soundbar Surround.

We are really enjoying our HomePod to listen to Apple Music. We also use it to watch movies on our 65" OLED TV. Unfortunately where the HomePod is located in the room, it's weird because the sound isn't coming from the location of the TV. We have a Samsung soundbar for that but the quality of the sound from the HomePod is much better. We're waiting for AirPlay 2 to come out before getting a second one in order to have surround sound off the Apple TV.

My comment/question is this...

I notice that when I have the audio out source selected as HomePod, the auxiliary sounds (i.e. menu selection clicks) come from the soundbar. So that leads me to believe that there are two simultaneous audio outputs. Could, in theory, this mean that I could play from the HomePod AND the soundbar at the same time, like a true surround sound. I realize that this is a software thing and that this could come in a future update. I was just wondering if other people have noticed this or wondered the same thing.

Apple TV 4K, tvOS 11.2.6

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Mar 10, 2018 11:55 AM in response to Sybil M In response to Sybil M

I would imagine this is down to the TV to support. Are you sure these additional sounds are coming from the soundbar and not the TV itself? It seems odd that if you're able to switch the output between soundbar and HomePod that it would switch all output that previously went to the soundbar. 😕


Mar 10, 2018 11:55 AM

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Question: HomePod with Soundbar Surround.