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Question: Magic Mouse 2 stopped working with Windows 10 via BootCamp


I have a Late-2015 iMac 5k Retina with the latest macOS and Windows 10 Pro x64 thru BootCamp.

I have Windows set to automatic updates and I believe it may have led to the Magic Keyboard and Mouse 2 to be unusable. So I ended up using a secondary keyboard and mouse to use Windows. The Magic Keyboard and Mouse show up on the bluetooth list, but for some reason they're not responding when I try to use them. However, when I switch back into macOS, they work just fine, except for the mouse losing connection after EVERY time I reboot from Windows. Is this a common issue? Is there a fix? Work around? Any help is welcome. Thank you. 🙂

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Mar 26, 2018 7:01 PM in response to jrcgeek1127 In response to jrcgeek1127

jrcgeek1127 - This EXACT problem happened to me when Windows updated around March 14 2018.

I have a new iMac pro with the latest macOS and running Windows 10 Pro x64 through Bootcamp. At about the same time MacOS installed some updates too. My keyboard and mouse work perfectly fine on the MacOS side but do not work on the Windows side. Under Windows settings>Bluetooth and other devices, the keyboard and mouse indicate "paired" but are unusable. What is even weirder is if i type a few keys or click the mouse a symbol pops up at the bottom saying they are "connected." Nothing. I really don't want to reinstall bootcamp since installing all of my programs took a few days.

Does anyone have any advice??? I've spent hours searching for solutions and nothing works. The guy at the genius bar wasn't even able to offer much help. The Windows customer rep was, as expected, useless.

Mar 26, 2018 7:01 PM

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Question: Magic Mouse 2 stopped working with Windows 10 via BootCamp