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Question: 2 layer security to protect potential second hand victims

3+ display watch were stolen from Apple Store.

When these 2 thieves realized they don't function like a normal watch, they end up selling it off criagslist. I happen to be the buyer.

The display watch is functional enough that it can catch Apple watch newbie off guard when they purchase the watch. That being said, I did my due diligence and checked the imei prior to the transaction.

User uploaded file

When we met up, he instead gave me another watch and I checked the imei as well: FHLVM7D6J5X6

User uploaded file

He told me he has another 38mm watch also for sale.

As you can tell by the conversation, I have no way of telling this is a display watch. It also says verified purchase - which i immediately assumed it was PURCHASED and not a display watch.

This is the loophole that will punish second hand buyer and reward the thieves.

I lost a lot of money purchasing this watch because I decided to purchase it second hand.

Can Apple please do 2 things to protect us?

1. Make your security in the Apple store better.

- If you guys see a display watch gone from your desk, don't think "the thieves can't use it anyways". Instead, think "Oh crap, there'll be a victim because of us"

2. When we check for the serial number, show us that it's not "verified purchase".

- I checked at the genius bar and even he couldn't figure out why I concluded the watch were stolen - not until after taking the watch for 10 minutes. So how do you expect me to find out at the time of transaction.

Apple Watch Series 3

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Question: 2 layer security to protect potential second hand victims