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Question: Lack of Macbook Loaner Program

So, I bought a Macbook Pro with Touchbar for almost $1900 a few months ago, and almost right away, I noticed a couple of the keys start to stick a little. I keep my computers clean, and it was not dirt or liquid. Eventually, one of the keys broke off completely, but being so busy at work, I was unable to find the time to bring it in. I went in to the Apple store, and they tell me its covered under warranty, but that I'll have to send it away for 3-5 business days. Great. No problem. This is the computer I do my business off of. I ask them for a loaner computer until they can get the repairs done. They tell me they don't do loaners. So basically, if I want my computer fixed, I have to send it away, thus forcing me to buy another computer to use during the interim of it getting fixed OR I have to live with a defective computer. Here's where I'm ticked off. First of all, my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, which costed 1/2 the price of this Mac, had identical specs, a touch screen and NEVER had an issue after 5 years. I get it, stuff happens sometimes, but how is the price of a Mac justified when they cannot even boast better customer service? Where is the extra money they charge for their computers going? I have to buy another computer now or just "deal" with a broken one. Do you think I'll ever spend another dollar on an Apple product again? heck no. Of course not. I'm not trying to act like Mr. Big Shot here, but I spend thousands of dollars a year on electronics, and I do have certain expectations, and customer service is a big one. I was treated nicely by Apple as far as people are concerned, but what good is that if they do not supply you with another computer for the week they have yours??? How can I run a business without a computer? Short answer: I can't. So, I have to buy another computer. Which will NOT be an Apple, nor will it be ever again. /end rant.

tdlr; Apple cannot possibly justify their prices when you cannot even provide a loaner computer during repairs that are THEIR fault.

MacBook Pro TouchBar and Touch ID, macOS High Sierra (10.13.3), null

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Mar 13, 2018 1:00 AM in response to freeme62410 In response to freeme62410

Sooo by your logic and expectations if I go out and buy a HP Spectre , Dell Latitude , or even a Thinkpad , all of which have equal price or more than your MacBook Pro , and they fail then those manufactures I have to send them too for warranty repair should also provide me with loaner laptops ? Last I checked none ever have and there are some way more expensive laptops out there than a MacBook Pro . You paid for a device with great customer service , not a please me or I will huff and pout device . I have a desk full of windows laptops that are broken , they do break and mostly more often than Apple products . I ran a business that fixed them for 15 years and rarely saw a Apple but made a great living off of broken windows computers .

Mar 13, 2018 1:00 AM

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Question: Lack of Macbook Loaner Program