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Question: Itunes audio distortion Windows 10

The problem occurs while I am playing music. Interestingly enough, I have noticed the problem goes away while the "playback devices" window is open (right click speaker icon on task bar > Playback devices).

The sound is more of a static chop that occurs every 5-10 seconds or so. I have been using A Team by Ed Sheeran to listen for the sound, it usually occurs in the low audio range.

I am running windows 10 on a gaming rig that I built a year ago.

I have tried reinstalling windows (for a different reason than this one)

- reinstalling itunes

- disabling the sound enhancer in itunes

- using different speakers

- using different aux/ audio port

- playing the same song on youtube (no distortion)

- i am on the most recent version of itunes

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Mar 15, 2018 6:49 AM in response to BrutusTheGuppy In response to BrutusTheGuppy

Greetings, BrutusTheGuppy.

It appears that you're having an issue with the sound quality you're getting when you're playing music from iTunes on your Windows 10 PC. Great job on the troubleshooting you've accomplished, and I'm happy to help.

iTunes for Windows: Adjust the sound quality -- See if adjusting the equalizer improves performance.

Let me know how that goes.

Take care!

Mar 15, 2018 6:49 AM

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Question: Itunes audio distortion Windows 10