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Question: Gyroscopic not working

I am having some serious issues with the gyroscope on my new Iphone 6 (not plus). I've had two main problems thus far that i am aware of:I os 11.26

1. Facetime : I am upside down to my recipients. If they try to rotate their phone (also iphone 6) I see them rotate, but the only way for them to see me not upside down is for me to turn my phone completely upside down. This in turn allows us to converse properly.

2. Text messaging: Either i can't turn my text messaging sideways and activate portrait view, or it goes in to portrait view randomly, and wont back out of it until i shut off the phone.

I can sit there and try to rotate the phone as often as I like, and it just hangs on whatever view it chooses. Toggling the lock for portrait view seems to momentarily fix my issues, but then they return shortly thereafter.

Anyone else finding this issue? Hardware issue or software? Not too sure where to go from here.

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Question: Gyroscopic not working