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Question: Changing Text Outline Color in imovie '11?

I've searched the boards and have found no answer to the following question:

"Is it possible to change the text outline color in imovie '11?"

I know it's an older version of imovie but it's what I have. I know how to change fonts and font color but haven't been able to find any info anywhere (both on these boards and youtube) about how to change the color of the text outline if the outlining feature is used on inserted text.

The default colors available only seem to be white & black and are assigned due to the color shade.

If for some reason you'd like to have a different outline color, is it possible to do with imovie '11? I've seen the question posted a few times with no answer.

Thanks so much for any easy answer. My apologies if I've missed something simple.

iPhone 5, iOS 9.3, null

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Question: Changing Text Outline Color in imovie '11?