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Question: iiPad times out when watching videos...again

Update 3/17/18...started again this afternoon. This time with a Fox Now app and ABC app

This started happening to me in Jan, 2017. It might have started earlier, but that's when I started taking notes. It was happening on Directv and YouTube, MSNBC that I know of. If I shut down and restarted my iPad it would be OK for 24 hours then do it again. I went to the Genius Bar. They were ready to replace my iPad but we decided to continue watching it since it really seemed like an iOS issue tied to a certain combination of apps. I spent hours over two months with Apple support. They really had no idea what was going on, and had me do things like set auto lock to never, delete and reload directv and YouTube apps, log in and out of TV provider. They were really at a loss. I could recreate it at will as long as I did not shutdown/restart my iPad and offered to help them trouble shoot. I pulled the crash logs and sent them to them. The last thing I did on 3/5/17 was log out of DirectTV as provider (again). YouTube was updated earlier that week. Miraculously it "fixed itself". Well, 3 days ago, on 8/15/17 it started again. Something must have got pushed out that wasn't announced. I'm getting ready to call support again. Has it started happening to anyone else again? Apple, if you are monitoring this string, you can reach me at my Apple ID.

iPad Pro 9.7-inch WiFi, iOS 11.2.6, null

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Mar 18, 2018 6:45 AM in response to rbrylawski In response to rbrylawski

Yeah, I know. They don’t seem understand what the problem is, let alone to fix it. I’ve literally spent 100s of hours with Apple trying to troubleshoot this problem. To no avail. Every one of these odd issues, like the one where clock disappears, seem to just go away with no follow up about what the problem was, only to pop up later and get treated as if it’s a brand new problem. I’m hoping that a conversation here might produce some suggestions, ideas, or maybe just a window into how prevalent the problem is. Off-topic, but the one where the clock disappears… I removed the Discover widget from my iPhone and it seemed to “fix the problem“. I left the Discover widget on my iPad, and it happens every month or so. That tells me that there is some underlying problem with iOS and how it interacts with external apps... or maybe vice versa. And they haven’t figured it out yet. Just like this problem with videos timing out while you’re watching them. They don’t seem to solve the underlying problems just address the symptom. 😏

Mar 18, 2018 6:45 AM

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Question: iiPad times out when watching videos...again