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Question: null site display

I am getting the attached screen in the notifications once in a while now a days. Any idea what is this about? See the attached screenshot.

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MacBook Pro TouchBar and Touch ID, macOS High Sierra (10.13.3)

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Mar 18, 2018 4:18 AM in response to dialabrain In response to dialabrain

EtreCheck version: 4.1.3 (4A188)

Report generated: 2018-03-18 16:42:18

Download EtreCheck from

Runtime: 3:48

Performance: Good

Problem: Other problem


A null site display of a counter like window

Major Issues:

Anything that appears on this list needs immediate attention.

No Time Machine backup - Time Machine backup not found.

Adware - Adware detected.

Minor Issues:

These issues do not need immediate attention but they may indicate future problems.

Unsigned files - There is unsigned software installed. They appear to be legitimate but should be reviewed.

32-bit Apps - This machine has 32-bits apps that may have problems in the future.

Hardware Information:

MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports)

MacBook Pro Model: MacBookPro13,2

1 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5 (i5-6267U) CPU: 2-core

8 GB RAM Not upgradeable


4 GB LPDDR3 2133 ok


4 GB LPDDR3 2133 ok

Battery: Health = Normal - Cycle count = 46

Video Information:

Intel Iris Graphics 550 - VRAM: 1536 MB

Color LCD 2880 x 1800


disk0 - APPLE SSD AP0512J 500.28 GB (Solid State - TRIM: Yes)

Internal PCI-Express 8.0 GT/s x4 NVM Express

disk0s1 - EFI [EFI] 315 MB

disk0s2 499.96 GB

disk1s1 - Macintosh HD (APFS) 499.96 GB 130.58 GB

disk1s2 - Preboot (APFS) [APFS Preboot] 499.96 GB 22 MB

disk1s3 - Recovery (APFS) [Recovery] 499.96 GB 510 MB

disk1s4 - VM (APFS) [APFS VM] 499.96 GB 3.22 GB

Mounted Volumes:

disk1s1 - Macintosh HD 499.96 GB (365.44 GB free)


Mount point: /


disk1s4 - VM [APFS VM] 499.96 GB (365.44 GB free)


Mount point: /private/var/vm

disk3s1 - A**************r 4 MB (3 MB free)


Mount point: /Volumes/A**************r

disk4s2 - Flash Player 20 MB


Mount point: /Volumes/Flash Player

disk5s1 - A****************r 24 MB (5 MB free)


Mount point: /Volumes/A****************r


Interface lpss-serial1: LPSS Serial Adapter (1)

Interface lpss-serial2: LPSS Serial Adapter (2)

Interface en7: USB 10/100/1000 LAN

Interface en8: iPhone

Interface en0: Wi-Fi

802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

One IPv4 address

Interface en6: Bluetooth PAN

Interface bridge0: Thunderbolt Bridge

iCloud Quota: 1.95 TB available

System Software:

macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 (17D102)

Time since boot: About 14 days

System Load: 2.18 (1 min ago) 5.65 (5 min ago) 4.60 (15 min ago)


System Status
Gatekeeper Mac App Store and identified developers
System Integrity Protection Enabled


Launchd: ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.pcv.hlpramcn.plist

Reason: Adware name match

Executable: ~/Library/Application Support/amc/

Unsigned Files:

Launchd: ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.UltraSearchApp.plist

Executable: ~/Library/Application Support/com.UltraSearchApp/UltraSearchApp r

Details: Domain name invalid - possibly adware

32-bit Applications:

Name Version
Wine Stable 2.0.3
CitrixOnlineLauncher 1.0.449
asannotation2 1612.21.3110.0
convertpdf 1.2
Cisco WebEx Meeting Center 1701.17.3111.0
quicklookd32 5.0
DVD Player 5.8
InkServer 10.9
atmsupload 1602.25.3106.0

System Launch Agents:

[Not Loaded] 7 Apple tasks
[Loaded] 146 Apple tasks
[Running] 137 Apple tasks

System Launch Daemons:

[Not Loaded] 37 Apple tasks
[Loaded] 159 Apple tasks
[Running] 135 Apple tasks

Launch Agents:

[Loaded] (Microsoft Corporation - installed 2018-01-25)
[Not Loaded] com.teamviewer.teamviewer_desktop.plist (TeamViewer GmbH - installed 2017-12-14)
[Not Loaded] com.teamviewer.teamviewer.plist (TeamViewer GmbH - installed 2017-12-14)
[Loaded] org.macosforge.xquartz.startx.plist (Apple Inc. - XQuartz - installed 2016-10-26)
[Other] com.adobe.ARMDCHelper.cc24aef4a1b90ed56a725c38014c95072f92651fb65e1bf9c8e43c37a2 3d420d.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-02-14)

Launch Daemons:

[Loaded] com.adobe.ARMDC.SMJobBlessHelper.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-02-14)
[Loaded] (Microsoft Corporation - installed 2018-01-25)
[Not Loaded] com.teamviewer.teamviewer_service.plist (TeamViewer GmbH - installed 2017-12-14)
[Loaded] com.teamviewer.Helper.plist (TeamViewer GmbH - installed 2017-12-14)
[Loaded] com.adobe.fpsaud.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-02-24)
[Loaded] org.macosforge.xquartz.privileged_startx.plist (Apple Inc. - XQuartz - installed 2016-10-26)
[Loaded] com.adobe.ARMDC.Communicator.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-02-14)
[Loaded] (Microsoft Corporation - installed 2017-04-09)

User Launch Agents:

[Loaded] (Google, Inc. - installed 2018-02-04)
[Loaded] com.citrixonline.GoToMeeting.G2MUpdate.plist (Citrix Online LLC - installed 2017-03-18)
[Loaded] com.UltraSearchApp.plist (? 0 - installed 2018-03-17)
[Running] com.pcv.hlpramcn.plist (Techyutils Software Private Limited - installed 2018-02-23)

User Login Items:

Cisco Spark Application


iTunesHelper Application (Apple, Inc. - installed 2018-01-25)


Google Chrome Application (Google, Inc.


Advanced Mac Cleaner Application (Techyutils Software Private Limited

(/Applications/Advanced Mac

SnagitLaunchAtLogin SMLoginItem (TechSmith Corporation - installed 2017-11-07)


Internet Plug-ins:

AdobePDFViewerNPAPI: 17.012.20098 (installed 2018-03-03)

FlashPlayer-10.6: (installed 2018-03-17)

QuickTime Plugin: 7.7.3 (installed 2018-02-06)

AdobePDFViewer: 18.011.20038 (installed 2018-03-03)

Flash Player: (installed 2018-03-17)

User Internet Plug-ins:

CitrixOnlineWebDeploymentPlugin: 1.0.105 (installed 2013-04-26)

WebEx64: 1.1.0 (installed 2017-07-13)

Safari Extensions:

Browse Feed.safariextz - - (installed 2018-03-09)

3rd Party Preference Panes:

Flash Player (installed 2018-02-24)

Time Machine:

Time Machine Not Configured!

Top Processes by CPU:

Process (count) Source % of CPU
RdrCEF Adobe Systems, Inc. 2
kernel_task Apple 2
WindowServer Apple 2
SnagitHelper TechSmith Corporation 1 (5) Apple 1

Top Processes by Memory:

Process (count) Source RAM usage (5) Apple 1.64 GB
kernel_task Apple 959 MB
Safari Apple 323 MB
mdworker (15) Apple 192 MB
Dock Apple 127 MB

Top Processes by Network Use:

Process Source Input Output
mDNSResponder Apple 40 MB 23 MB
biometrickitd Apple 910 KB 330 KB Apple 346 KB 246 KB
netbiosd Apple 351 KB 113 KB
CalendarAgent Apple 32 KB 20 KB

Top Processes by Energy Use:

Process (count) Source Energy usage (0-100)
CalendarAgent Apple 4
WindowServer Apple 2
Safari Apple 2
suggestd Apple 2 (5) Apple 2

Virtual Memory Information:

Available RAM 1.64 GB
Free RAM 64 MB
Used RAM 6.36 GB
Cached files 1.58 GB
Swap Used 1.08 GB

Diagnostics Information (past 7 days):

2018-03-11 21:06:54 fud Crash (once)

objc_msgSend() selector name: disableStreamEventsForStateMachine:

End of report

Mar 18, 2018 4:18 AM

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Question: null site display