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Question: Filenames changing after exporting from photos.

Recently I wanted to backup my iphone photos onto my macbook.

Usually I connect it with the cable, photos opens up. I select the files, import them, then export them to the right folder and I'm done. My photos have exported and are chronologically in the folder.

Today it doesn't seem to work. After exporting they get different filenames: IMG_001, APC_002 for example.

So they are not chronologically. How can I change this? It really starts to **** me off because for some reason all my photos I had imported before and then deleted of my iphone are back on my iphone. Doubling the amount of photos on my device. I now have to delete them all again.

I could use some help here because I'm out of ideas...

MacBook, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)

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Apr 20, 2018 1:51 PM in response to GielS In response to GielS

Every photo uploaded to iCloud Photo Library is given a long, randomized filename. The original filename, however, still remains as part of the image metadata. You will see the long, randomized filename or the original filename depending on how you export, download, or which device you email the file from. It's nothing to worry about. This is done to ensure every image has a unique filename in your iCloud Photo Library no matter where it came from. If you have more than one device, each of those devices start out with their first image being named IMG_0001.JPG and then both are going to upload that image with the same filename. Or on your Mac if you manually give an image a name, you don't want to keep track of whether you've used a filename already.

If you email an edited or unedited image from your Mac, the recipient will see the original filename. If you email the same edited image from your iPhone, the filename will be FullSizeRender.jpg. The unedited image emailed from the iPhone will have the long filename. If you are emailing a recently taken photo from your iPhone, the short filename, e.g., IMG_0123.JPG, will be used because it's still on-device and did not have to be retrieved from the cloud.

Apr 20, 2018 1:51 PM

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Question: Filenames changing after exporting from photos.