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Question: Yeah!!! Take a little of the profits and have someone monitor your site

EVERYTHING seems broke!!

seems like this is a common questions with little info that works.

When I even just click on my post to view or maybe see if there are any replies I get an error message....

got this within 2 min of my post. Mainly cause I wanted to see how it works being it was my first tiMe. Guess it doesn't work.

Also why do I have to enter my password every 5 min PLUS have to put in a code?that is send to me? EVERY 5 min!!

Com'on guys!

Piramid scheme? That too works only one way.

So....took photos..

now not only can I NOT even get this to post I follow directions and it says it couldn't find my search and if I wasn't sure type in 'browse places' which I did. With and without ' '

does anyone watch rid site??


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Apr 22, 2018 8:21 AM in response to Bird_Lady In response to Bird_Lady

Hello Bird_Lady,

Here is some reading for you. If you study the contents you will quickly come to terms with how the system works.



Also be aware. If you mark your own post as solved it will act as a deterrent to anyone who might have tried to reply.

Apr 22, 2018 8:21 AM

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Question: Yeah!!! Take a little of the profits and have someone monitor your site