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Guided Access disable screen sleep

We have 9 ipads that we use on our production floor, we keep them in guided access because lets face it, we don't want them messing around instead of working. Mid last week, I took them down because we were doing inventory and I updated all of them to IOS 12, and when I came in yesterday morning, I noticed that the screens were turned off. Guided Access should not put the screens to sleep, but they are. Is there a way to prevent the screens from going to sleep?

iOS 12

Posted on Oct 2, 2018 7:42 AM

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Posted on Oct 3, 2018 8:40 AM

That was the first thing I checked after I discovered they were doing that. They were all set to never when I set up the iPads for the production floor in February, because I did not realize at the time Guided Access disabled the screen sleep.

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Guided Access disable screen sleep

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