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    Granted, it does. But a corporate address in America, or the UK's best equivalent which is for Apple Sales International in Ireland, is not really the same as a reasonably-easy-to-contact complaints department, and I wouldn't have any confidence that a letter sent to one of those two addresses would actually find its way to someone at Apple who cares.

    In essence, there does not appear to be a straightforward way of saying to someone at Apple, "I am unhappy with this aspect of the service that I have paid for you to provide, and I want my dissatisfaction to be noted, and hopefully acted upon, so that your service can be improved".
  • Colin Coote Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi kptphoto,

    I understand your frustration ( see my posts re an iphone arriving with unserviceable charger ).

    What l have discovered here is that you need to be humble and expect no sympathy if your situation doesnt fit in with others.

    If your iphone is the lemon that was mentioned, it seems to be a case of tuff luck buddy, my one works fine.

    Its a premium priced product without premium customer support - if you don't live in USA. Its as simple as that.
  • Lucky Luxy Level 1 (95 points)
    Mate, I think you are trying to preach to Apple fanboys. You are wasting your time here, Apple is perfect! No need for complaints, just praise King Steve Jobs!
    If the iPhone is so unreliable for you, stop wasting your time, just buy a phone that is reliable. Go for an Android or Windows Phone 7.
  • Graham Outterside Level 4 (2,910 points)
    Lucky Luxy wrote:
    If the iPhone is so unreliable for you, stop wasting your time, just buy a phone that is reliable. Go for an Android or Windows Phone 7.

    Remind me of the UK telephone number for Android and Windows 7 problems ?
  • Lucky Luxy Level 1 (95 points)
    oh oh, don't get your knickers in a twist!!
  • Graham Outterside Level 4 (2,910 points)
    Underwear stable and correctly in position - my point is that expecting a large overseas organisation to provide a UK whine line for a commodity device that sells by the million and has a practical life of 3 years, worth £500 when new, is slightly different to a car worth $30,000 with a large dealership structure which only sells a few thousand a year and has a life of 10 years.

    People who make toothpicks don't have whine lines either.
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    Haha, fair point though mate, you are correct of course. I think the gentleman who created this post just wanted a way to vent his frustration to Apple and at least be acknowledged, without having to take a trip to an Apple Store. Personally, I love the Apple Stores and would use any excuse to visit one, though it is normally an expensive trip!
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    I cannot believe the arrogance of some of the fanboys here.


    I'm afraid Apple's extended care is rubbish. My friend has a Dell warranty and when his computer went wrong an engineer came round to his house and mended it on the spot at a time of his choosing. No waiting on phone lines for hours, travelling fifty miles to see a 'genius' or even sending the computer away. Unfortunately the computers are rubbish.


    I rang Apple UK and have the address to which UK residents should complaints. It is:

    Apple Computers


    Holyhill Industrial Estate





    I know that this is an old thread but I am putting this address up in case people are Googling for it and get directed here.

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    I seriously doubt an engineer came to your friends house, if that was Dell's service policy they would have been bankrupt long ago. Dell has various service levels if you pay for the level to have home service they will contract with a company to send a technician. Don't know about the UK but the entry-level service plan rating of Dell in the US and other places varies from fair to abominable.


    Apple will also send a technician under certain circumstances.

  • marc234 Level 1 (0 points)



    Sorry are you accusing me or my friend lying.


    Why on earth do you think I would take the trouble to come onto this forum and lie.


    My friend's computer went wrong, he rang Dell, an engineer came round and fixed his machine. This has happened twice. Why can't you believe this?


    Whether the engineer worked for Dell or was subcontracted does not matter as part of the Dell warranty my friend had an engineer come out.


    I do not know how much extra my friend paid for his warranty, but I do know I paid a small fortune for my extended warranty and Apple UK told me that sending out an engineer was not an option.


    In the case of extended warranty in the UK Dell are better than Apple. You have no experience of warranty service for Apple or Dell in the UK, so in future I would appreciate it if you did not call me out as a liar over things you have no experience of.

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    Oh please, what rot. I never anywhere called you or your friend a liar. A true engineer with a full degree and license would cost about 100 pounds per hour to send out to a house call for one PC. A technician was sent (not an engineer) and he fixed it. Your friend most likely paid for this level of home service, which Dell also offers in the US. You can also contact Apple and if you explain patiently why you need home service rather than taking it to an Apple Store or shipping it they may send a technician. Or you can contact Apple and they sell additional service plans which include home servicing at a higher rate.


    Small fortune? Mine was $369 USD, hardly a small fortune.


    As in the US, Apple gets the highest customer ratings for customer support and service. If you are not happy with it check one of the surveys done in your country and buy a computer from the next company down on the ratings. Or buy a Dell and pay for home service.

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    I usually don't bother with these forums as I don't have the time and I rarely bother complaining. I have used IPod classic and shuffle before without having any problems.

    I bought an iPod touch just over a year ago and it suddenly stopped working. I made an appointment at the Westfield store at White city UK, and had to wait about 45 minutes before being seen. The technician who saw me just took onelook at my iPod and said it's damaged by liquid. I know for a fact that it wasn't damaged by water? The whole attitude of the technician was unfriendly and not helpful at all. I completely agree, apple seem to have become so arrogant that there products are so great and they have no competition That they don't need to offer any customer service.  I have an IPad as well and it's been freezing every once in a while, despite the fact I bought it a little more than 3 months ago. I was completely in love with Apple before, but now really disappointed with it's products and services.

    I know individual complaints won't make a difference to apple right now, but I really hope now that Samsung will take over the Apple Market with phones and tablets as Apple attitude completely *****...!!!

  • deggie Level 9 (52,105 points)

    So do you want assistance or just want to gripe? You do have to drop you Touch in a toilet to trigger the moisture sensor, high humidty, in your pocket in the rain, etc. will also trigger it and do damage. Unless you bought AppleCare if it was over a year old it wouldn't be covered by warranty anyway.


    If you feel you were maltreated you should go back to that store and ask to speak with a manager.


    So one visit you didn't like and Apple is totally bad? You should go with the company that has the highest rated customer service.

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    I was having an Iphone 4, I used it for around 10 months it only had problem with the speaker so I thought maybe defect with this piece, but after the release of Iphone 4S I bought 2 64GB Iphone 4S For me & my wife at Dubai for AED 3850 (USD 1050) for one. I didn't mind the price as I was much crazy for Iphone. And its not even a week we started getting problem with sound in both iphones. When I make calls the person I'm calling can't hear me, but when they call me back I can hear nicely. In a day sometimes I am able to call nicely but several times I also have the sound problem. I'm not using any headset, I call directly. This is very embarassing as I mostly do international business calls and several money and of course embarassment when the receiver takes the phone but I can't hear them. All the business associates I deal with is Using SAMSUNG S2 and I was encouraged for SAMSUNG BUt it seems that I'm regretting now. I can understand problem with one phone, but if both has similar problem in just 1 week after purchase then seriously I feel Iphone is not investing properly in their quality control. It's a shame, I don't think I'll ever buy an Iphone again.

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    I am a Mac user and I am now residing in ibiza,producing music and dj too for a major club brand,but a short while ago my MacBook pro decided to pack in and stop working and now mac in Barcelona have been trying to repair it for the last 2months and now they are saying that they do not have the MacBook and that they will get someone to phone me back to of which they do not,I have phoned them everyday for the last month for the receptionist to be rude by putting the phone down on me on numerous occasions.


    I have had to cancel my flights back home to uk because of this and I have an Asia tour soon for work which depends on me having my laptop back.

    I don't know what else to do,there is nothing I can do,I never expected mac to be like this


    Please advise







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