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Question: Macbook Pro Beachballing in Black Screen

I have a Mid 2012 Macbook Pro with El Capitan 10.11.6.

Yesterday, it started to slow down, the beachball appearing every time I tried to click on something. The a black screen would appear with the beachball.

I restarted my computer into safe mode and everything works fine from here.

I read I should do a EtreCheck review and I got a lot of information, but I don't understand any of it, I need help finding my issue.

EtreCheck version: 4.1 (4A162)

Report generated: 2018-03-04 11:21:43

Download EtreCheck from

Runtime: 6:47

Performance: Below Average

Problem: Beachballing


extremely slow, then black screen and beachball

Major Issues:

Anything that appears on this list needs immediate attention.

No Time Machine backup - Time Machine backup not found.

Minor Issues:

These issues do not need immediate attention but they may indicate future problems.

Upgradeable - This machine’s RAM could be upgraded and the mechancial hard drive could be replaced with an SSD. This would dramatically improve your machine’s performance.

High battery cycle count - Your battery may be losing capacity.

Unsigned files - There is unsigned software installed. It appears to be legitimate but should be reviewed.

Low performance - EtreCheck report took over 5 minutes to run. This is unusual.

Hardware Information:

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)

MacBook Pro Model: MacBookPro9,2

1 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 (i5-3210M) CPU: 2-core

4 RAM Upgradeable


2 GB DDR3 1600 ok


2 GB DDR3 1600 ok

Battery: Health = Replace Soon - Cycle count = 1522

Video Information:

Intel HD Graphics 4000 - VRAM: 1536 MB

Color LCD 1280 x 800


disk0 - APPLE HDD HTS547550A9E384 500.11 GB (Mechanical)

Internal SATA 3 Gigabit Serial ATA

disk0s1 - EFI [EFI] 210 MB

disk0s2 - Macintosh HD [Core Storage Container] 499.25 GB

disk1 - Macintosh HD (Journaled HFS+) 498.88 GB

disk0s3 - Recovery HD [Recovery] 650 MB

Mounted Volumes:

disk1 - Macintosh HD 498.88 GB (296.08 GB free)

Journaled HFS+

Mount point: /


disk2s2 - S*********t 24 MB (8 MB free)


Mount point: /Volumes/S*********t


Interface en0: Ethernet

Interface fw0: FireWire

Interface en1: Wi-Fi

802.11 a/b/g/n

One IPv4 address

Interface en3: Bluetooth PAN

Interface bridge0: Thunderbolt Bridge

iCloud Status: one pending file

System Software:

OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 (15G19009)

Time since boot: Less than an hour

System Load: 2.10 (1 min ago) 2.22 (5 min ago) 2.26 (15 min ago)


GatekeeperMac App Store and identified developers
System Integrity ProtectionEnabled

Unsigned Files:

Launchd: /Library/LaunchDaemons/

Executable: /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/

Details: Exact match found in the whitelist - probably OK

System Launch Agents:

[Not Loaded]7 Apple tasks
[Loaded]163 Apple tasks
[Running]68 Apple tasks

System Launch Daemons:

[Not Loaded]46 Apple tasks
[Loaded]160 Apple tasks
[Running]85 Apple tasks
[Other]One Apple task

Launch Agents:

[Not Loaded]com.adobe.AdobeCreativeCloud.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-02-19)
[Not Loaded]com.adobe.AAM.Updater-1.0.plist (? ffb65062 - installed 2018-02-19)
[Not Loaded]com.adobe.GC.Invoker-1.0.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-02-19)
[Not Loaded]com.adobe.ARMDCHelper.cc24aef4a1b90ed56a725c38014c95072f92651fb65e1bf9c8e43c37a2 3d420d.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-02-19)

Launch Daemons:

[Not Loaded]com.adobe.ARMDC.SMJobBlessHelper.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-02-19)
[Not Loaded] (Microsoft Corporation - installed 2018-02-19)
[Not Loaded]com.adobe.adobeupdatedaemon.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-02-19)
[Not Loaded]com.adobe.fpsaud.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-02-01)
[Not Loaded] (? 6d8cb30e - installed 2012-04-02)
[Not Loaded]com.adobe.agsservice.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-02-19)
[Not Loaded]com.adobe.ARMDC.Communicator.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-02-19)
[Not Loaded] (Microsoft Corporation - installed 2016-11-15)

User Launch Agents:

[Not Loaded] (Google, Inc. - installed 2017-09-27)
[Not Loaded]com.adobe.GC.Invoker-1.0.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-02-19)

Internet Plug-ins:

AdobeAAMDetect: (installed 2018-02-19)

FlashPlayer-10.6: (installed 2018-02-26)

QuickTime Plugin: 7.7.3 (installed 2018-02-28)

AdobePDFViewerNPAPI: 15.007.20033 (installed 2015-03-17)

AdobePDFViewer: 15.007.20033 (installed 2015-03-17)

Flash Player: (installed 2018-02-26)

Default Browser: 601 (installed 2018-02-19)

SharePointBrowserPlugin: 14.2.0 (installed 2018-02-19)

Silverlight: 5.1.50901.0 (installed 2018-03-04)

iPhotoPhotocast: 7.0 (installed 2018-02-19)

3rd Party Preference Panes:

Flash Player (installed 2018-02-01)

Time Machine:

Time Machine Not Configured!

Top Processes by CPU:

Process (count)Source% of CPU
SafariApple6 (3)Apple5

Top Processes by Memory:

Process (count)SourceRAM usage
kernel_taskApple538 MB (3)Apple255 MB
SafariApple125 MB
FinderApple65 MB
WindowServerApple51 MB

Top Processes by Energy Use:

Process (count)SourceEnergy usage (0-100)

Virtual Memory Information:

Available RAM1.02 GB
Free RAM46 MB
Used RAM2.98 GB
Cached files997 MB
Swap Used0 B

Software Installs (past 30 days):

NameVersionInstall Date
Full Deck Solitaire1.632018-02-23
DeskApp for YouTube1.32018-02-24
2048 Game1.52018-02-24
Flappy Pink Bird1.02018-03-02
Microsoft Silverlight Internet Browser Plugin5.1.50901.02018-03-04

Diagnostics Information (past 7 days):

2018-03-04 10:50:12 Last Shutdown Cause: 3 - Hard shutdown

2018-03-01 19:40:52 Microsoft Hang

End of report

MacBook Pro, OS X El Capitan (10.11.6)

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Mar 4, 2018 4:08 PM in response to mcvs In response to mcvs

I'm wondering if maybe your hard disk is starting to have performance issues.

You might want to make a Genius Bar appointment at your local Apple store, and ask them to run their hardware diagnostics.

I only suspect the disk, because there is not a whole lot of other indications on your system of something wrong.

This is just a suspecion

Mar 4, 2018 4:08 PM

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Question: Macbook Pro Beachballing in Black Screen